How many people do you think mow their lawns in their golf shoes?

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30 Replies to “How many people do you think mow their lawns in their golf shoes?”

  1. Soft world says:

    Bro no one would ruin their golf shoes like that. I use my oldest shittiest shoes to mow the lawn

  2. Tim Jones says:

    I used to have to wear them to help me on a hill at an old house. They will help in my new house too! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I wear my work boots. Maybe I’m the crazy one 🤦‍♂️

  4. Street Golf says:

    I do 🙌… my wife just realized last week that I wear an old pair of golf shoes while I mow the lawn. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now lol

  5. JayMac says:

    If I had a lawn, I would definitely break in my golf shoes while mowing.

  6. Very dumb question

  7. Just mowed my lawn for the first time ever, I wore golf shoes

  8. I wear my golf shoes every time I mow the lawn. Prevents me from slipping mowing on the hills.

  9. Running out of things to talk about

  10. Nathan Hill says:

    A bunch of guys who have never owned a lawn but have had memberships at country clubs

  11. Davis H says:

    Frankie is a clown

  12. Jake Fez says:

    Very low them dads out there wearing air monarchs and new balance 623s

  13. My golf shoes are white. So absolutely not for me. I've never seen someone do it

  14. Devers says:

    Well 20% of the comments say they do so that's higher than my guess

  15. I guess you can only talk about being shit at golf for so much..

  16. matt sean says:

    What a stupid question

  17. Johnny Utah says:

    They used to say it would aerate the lawn..with softspikes now, if you mow in your golf shoes you are a straight up dork..

  18. Frankie, you are dumpster diving for clicks by asking this. no one cares how many mow in their golf shoes

  19. Kreg Rollo says:

    Why would you do it?

  20. frank79430 says:

    Unless they intend on ruining their shoes.

  21. Jaymel says:

    Why would you?

  22. Definitely not. Why would you?

  23. Depends on the lawn mower and the colour of your shoes. I have to many golfshoes but still don't so 1% of the 1%

  24. I mow my lawn with my old golf shoes.

  25. Milly says:

    Less than1% would.

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