How To Aim In Tennis For Better Ball Control

One of the most common reasons for poor consistency of your tennis strokes is something you may not have considered at all. It’s how you AIM your shots.

How To Aim For Better Consistency And Accuracy

In my discussions with many players I realised that they are not aiming the shots the way I am.

And I know that the reason why my shots are consistent and my tennis technique is clean is because I AIM my shots in a very specific way – and that’s what I want to explain to you today.

While the mental image in my mind is just of one trajectory, I can break that down into 3 different concepts:

– I have a “lane” in my mind which leads from my contact point towards the target
– I visualize spinning the ball exactly in a horizontal axis
– I AIM into a window above the net

It is the “window” part that I feel is the most important part of AIMING the shots in the right way and yet almost none of my clients ever says that they are aware of the height of their shots when they attempt them.

0:00 Intro
1:41 #1 – Hit Along The Track
9:40 #2 – Spin Around Horizontal Axis
11:45 #3 – Aim Into A Window


20 Replies to “How To Aim In Tennis For Better Ball Control”

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  2. One of your best videos to date. My coach describes something similar especially on the backhand as corridors or to view it as hitting along a corridor. So it makes sense to move it in that direction, the only issue is during high intensity rallies and certainly in matchplay you have to ingrain this into you always.

  3. BRCO BRCO says:

    This is an excellent concept! Great visualization and you convey the idea very well. I'm going to implement this immediately.

  4. John Wright says:

    Great explanation on a topic that most players don’t know. Can’t wait to try it on the courts. Thanks, you are an excellent teacher.

  5. Hi Tomaz, this Video ist uncredible usefull who to aim the Ball.
    My question ist:
    Do you aim also on a Serve with Windows and Paths?
    Nice Greets and thank you👍👍

  6. inp imp says:

    Hey Thomas, thanks for the video. Maybe i missed it but how do i think about all three things at a time while playing? Is there an order or do you consider them all at once?
    And is there a priority if i want to make sn aggressive pin point shot like thinking about the landing point more?

  7. One of the best tennis coaches on the internet

  8. Brilliant instruction/ideas!!

  9. One of the best videos I’ve seen yet!! Most focus on “what to do” in the swing, none have explained “why”. Invaluable learning – tyvm! These mental pictures are exactly what I have been missing to correct multiple issues I’ve been struggling with!!CHEERS!!

  10. Einstein of tennis. Thanks for sharing

  11. But it”s old fashioned swing arc. We can not make a powerful spin with long lagging follow swing

  12. Mukesh Joon says:

    This is the key for consistency and control..

  13. Piteurche421 says:

    Hello Tomaz and all. You present the three components here (lane, spin and window) but I find it difficult to have all three when I hit. I have the lane pretty solid, I have the spin (somewhat), but I don't have the window at all. I figure my ability to "calculate" all three at a time will get better, but I still feel too pressed for time for now. Would you advise a step-by-step approach ? Concentrate on the lane, then add the spin, then add the window ? Or should all three be there from the get-go ?
    Thank you so much for all your advice, you have helped me a lot !

  14. ABBA FROG says:

    Goat of YouTube tennis coach. It’s criminal that we can see this without going to a lesson

  15. Mark McClure says:

    Excellent lesson content and presentation. You remove all the complexities and make everything so simple. I can’t wait to try it on the court. I sent you a couple of messages recently to inquire about private/semi-private lessons. I look forward to hearing from you. Mark M

  16. EB says:

    Best lesson of all time. You're the best.

  17. Jim Poole says:

    Excellent. Take PVC pipe and make a window.

  18. T M says:

    To je kvaliteta, bravo Tomaž 👍

  19. Another benefit of aiming at a window is that the window is always above the net. Aiming at a target on the ground in the opposite court leads us to hit at the target, which we can only see through the net. The result is too many balls hit into the net.

    As Nick Bollettieri (?) said, The problem with tennis is that we can see through the net.

  20. David Dlyml says:

    Tomas, I have your two serve, forehand and backhand videos. A big fan! This is the first time I saw the concept of spinning the ball on the horizontal axis. It has helped my ball striking. Did I miss this in any of my member dashboard videos. Also, how is best to be review older modules for updates. Thank you

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