HOW TO Arrange your GOLF BAG

Welcome back to Below Par. In this video Joe Lovery talks you through how to set up a golf bag. This set up will allow you to be more organised on the golf course and know where everything is. We all know someone that searches through their bag and thinks they have lost their club, until you go over yourself and find it for them. So hopefully this video is going to help you arrange you bag to help you become more organised and hopefully play better golf!

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◎How to set arrange your golf bag:
◎Strike your irons like the pro’s:
◎Stop Coming over the top:
◎Set up for straighter and longer drives:
◎My new wedges:


I first made my channel a few years ago and had no idea where it was going to take me, all i knew is is that i wanted to help others on their golfing journey. I always found it hard when browsing the internet to find clear coaching information and the more i read the more conflicting advice i found. So this really gave me the drive to create my channel and make this content.

In my day job i am a full time golf coach working out of a driving range in the North West of Yorkshire as well as Colne Golf Club. I find coaching an incredibly rewarding job and i coach everyone from professionals to a complete beginner. I am always trying to further myself as a coaching professional through training and investing in the latest technology. I am also a fully qualified PGA Professional with Accredited PGA status.

I am here to help you improve your golf, whether it be via golf lessons or watching my online content. Please feel free to ask any questions on my videos to help you reach your goal of improving your game!



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    28 Replies to “HOW TO Arrange your GOLF BAG”

    1. Wal says:

      10:46 One thing they do very well in the UK is proper jackets/coats.

    2. Terry Larson says:

      I use an old plastic pill bottle to keep my tees in and a mesh bag to keep my golf balls all together.
      I would be leery about leaving my GPS or Range finder in plain sight. Great video by the way!

    3. Stu Pleavin says:

      First time carrier. This really helped..Cheers

    4. Great video! Very cool! THANK YOU!

    5. Paul Smith says:

      New starter, really found this video very helpful. Thanks alot.

    6. TE 5150 🎵 says:

      No 3 iron, hmm. One of my favourite clubs

    7. TA L. says:

      Great video. Where I golf in 🇨🇦, we use manual push carts. The golf bags sit on it and we push it or pull it around the course. My has a brake. Much more enjoyable. Not having to set up at each hole taking it on and off. Looks like a stroller.

    8. Smashing! Going golfing tomorrow for my 5th time ever with a mate who almost went Amateur. Needed this to make sure I don't show up with my bag looking like a crack head put it together!

    9. Geoff Heezen says:

      New to golfing here, I set up my bag and then watched this. Adjusted the bag and it made a lot more sense (and sits better when carried). Thanks for the input.

    10. A M says:

      Thanks, great video for beginners. What make of bag is this and would you recommend, just started playing golf?

    11. Truc Hua says:

      Love the mizuno bag

    12. dan Jensen says:

      Awesome, great where it goes video

    13. PJG Golfer says:

      Great video. Good to know I have done this since day 1.

    14. John_bob says:

      You probably won’t see this, but in the chance you do: would it be better to put tees in the small pocket on the side of the large pocket? I’ve found it nice to have that.

    15. Jason Bullen says:

      Just got a used golf bag from my local goodwill. I found a little bag with some golf tees in it. I put it in the pocket with my golf balls.

    16. Bill Osting says:

      My clubs want to hit each other when sliding into the bag,is there to many clubs in the bag or have you had this problem.

    17. hugo dykes says:

      great vid good tips

    18. aidan lynch says:

      A bit of a new golfer and I have no bag organization. I just got a new bag and this video was super helpful! Hopefully I can keep my bag organized now!

    19. Great tips! I adjusted my bag as I watched the video.

    20. A.M. Omar says:

      thank you so much for the explanation!

    21. Well explained👍
      but…for the last minute a warm jacket…💃….😉

    22. Thanks for tips really appreciated

    23. flipping_i says:

      My bag has 11 holes. Is that good?

    24. mrzocor1 says:

      what do you need so many wedges for? 9 iron, and pitching wedge is all you need.

    25. C Snide says:

      How to set up your golf bag… hit shot – slide club back into bag…… wow … that was hard…….

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