Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Vermont

Looking for the best golf courses in Vermont! Look no further we have a special video showing you the best 10 Golf Courses in the state of Vermont. If you love golf and love Vermont please watch this video and please subscribe for more great videos.

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5 Replies to “Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Vermont”

  1. At 9:06 you're documenting Ekwonik in Manchester but it's a photo of VT National in South Burlington. Who made this terrible slideshow?

  2. Also the rendering of it with the red awnings, also not BCC, and then at 2:17, also not BCC in Vermont.

  3. The photo shown of Burlington Country club with the water before the green is certainly not Burlington CC in VT, perhaps another state?

  4. Fred Wills says:

    It’s pronounced Oh-key-mo, not Oh-kay-mo.

  5. Nice vid. Only one of the pictures of CCVT (#2) is actually of the course, and it is an artist's rendition of 18 looking from the clubhouse back at the tee. The course is gorgeous, a video would not provide reality anyway.

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