How to Be A SCRATCH GOLFER Inside 100 Yards

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How to be a scratch golfer inside 100 yards



21 Replies to “How to Be A SCRATCH GOLFER Inside 100 Yards”

  1. Keh says:

    Next to all the aggressively hyperbolic golf channels out there you're always YT Golf ASMR. Thanks man.

  2. I think these types of courses really help your game cause usually the greens are smaller which makes you concentrate at getting on in reg and at least two putting!!🏌‍♂⛳ Great tips Adam!!

  3. Mike Durante says:

    Love this Adam – played this course numerous times as well. Keep it up!

  4. Hayden Redl says:

    Putting on those greens can be a whole different game but good practice nonetheless. Those shots inside 100 can be such a weapon if finely tuned. Any trips coming up this summer?

  5. Doop says:

    I see you doing a lot of Vancouver pitch and putts Adam, do you have a favourite and how would you rank all them

  6. Queen E is the best pitch & putt in the city and it's not even close

  7. Great advice as always.

  8. Yooo didn't know you were from Vancouver, my home course is Kensington

  9. Bruce Hanna says:

    I need a pitch and putt in my area!

  10. ShuckaBuck says:

    I'm gonna disagree with you on not aiming at pins on par 3s. As amateurs, we only have so many chances at a ace. So ALWAYS go for the ace. Very worst case scenario, you lose a ball and 3 putt for a double or triple…but if you don't go for aces on every par 3 you ever play, you may never get one (Ive been playing golf for 25+ years and don't have one, and my hdcp today is a 2)

  11. John Schmidt says:

    I love the pitch and putt videos. This one is very helpful in terms of strategy on shots between 50 and 100 yards. Sometimes more club and a shorter, smoother swing is the better approach.

  12. LEV!ATHAN says:

    Can you please film one of these from Burnaby Central Park P&P? That's what I grew up on.

  13. Morroes says:

    Honestly looks like such a fun course, nothing like that near me. That looks like such a great place to improve the short game.

  14. Len S says:

    Short game is the easiest way us armatures can lower the score. Spend time on the putting green instead of the driving range also. more than half of our stokes are with a wedge and a putter.

  15. Great video as usual. There is only 1 6 hole par 3 course to my knowledge anywhere near me, but it's a great place to practice within 100 yards. I'm not great but I'm getting better and can shoot close to par if I'm on my game on the par 3 course. On a full length course, I have yet to break 100, so my short game is better than my long game.

  16. Emmanuel says:

    Practice putt strokes are hurting your game according to science

  17. Your channel is so much better than Golf Sidekick, it almost pains me when you give him props. I’ll share my personal interaction with him for context: He played one of my local courses and was making a lot of jokes about the name, which is Native American and from the indigenous language. When I pointed out what the name meant in the comments he took offense for some reason and started personally engaging with me in a very passive-aggressive, unprofessional way. It was really surprising for a semi-big YouTuber to be so petty for really no reason and I obviously unsubbed and don’t watch his vids anymore. For what it’s worth, your professional approach to your vids and audience are greatly appreciated

  18. Zeta says:

    The same hole you hit a hole-in-one… was the only time I witnessed someone hitting a HIO. Older guy asked to join us, and on this tee box he hit a super low shot that had the ball rolling 90% of the distance…. and then it rolled in lmao!

  19. PLP says:

    Good stuff! Helping the algorithm haha

  20. pb says:

    Sick shades bro!!

  21. Ryan N says:

    Adam, this is the exact video I've been waiting for you to put out!!

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