How to Break 90 Step by Step Less than 170 Yards

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27 Replies to “How to Break 90 Step by Step Less than 170 Yards”

  1. Matty boomboom making it look easy. Love it!

  2. No one can beat these vids man! The best golf education out there peeps, don't doubt this man!

  3. Stephan G. says:

    Hi Matt, love your videos ❤!

    Can you give some advice how to play a mini-driver? Tee a bit lower, but still in line with left heel? Or closer to the center?

  4. Matt Meade says:

    Never knew Jack Nicholson designed golf courses!!

  5. Kilian Gress says:

    Broke 80 for the first time last week ! Your Videos are helping so much !!

  6. FrancoP says:

    that butterfly xD

  7. Man I love these…the way u break it down for the average golfer and show that if u play a little smarter u don’t have to bomb 300yard drives off in the woods…these are always my favorite to watch maybe cause it applies to my game the most…good job Playa

  8. Eugene J says:

    Ok got it, sacrifice butterflies for good golf. Seems simple enough.

  9. Mr G says:

    Why are you laughing that you killed the butterfly, not nice and you almost lost this long time subscriber and shirt customer. Next time please wait for the butterfly to leave or change your ball so it doesn't attract them.

  10. The Big Guy says:

    Another great video from the baus!!

  11. Since RS was in diapers and butterflies sacrifices. May the dodo gods are good for us all.
    Loved the vid … the calmness was there all the way. The WOTP is strong with this one. 😂 Cant find the Jedi emoji. 😂 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  12. D says:

    Loved the hit out of the bunker cartoon

  13. Mikey v says:

    Been watching these videos the last two years. I was always too aggressive with shot selection in the past. With better shot selection, I was down from mid 90s to high 80s by avoiding lost balls and tricky spots around the green.

    Your recommendation for Bob Rotella's Putting Out Of Your Mind changed my outlook on putting and was the next step to get me to low 80s. After a year of refinement and better temperament on the course, sitting at mid 70s consistently.

    Chipping and pitching is next on the list to have better birdie opportunities. Any tips, you magnificent guru?

  14. Watching with the wife (wildlife rehab lady). It was really an emotional Rollercoaster between the high of the gore tracks to the funeral for the butterfly.

  15. That butterfly walked so Matty BoomBoom Waddaplayazinski could fly

  16. the mf playa in chief

  17. Logan Engel says:

    The Rick Shields line was amazing

  18. PIKE says:

    I'm hitting pitching wedge here, not to be an asshole. hahahaha i literally burst out laughing.

  19. Brian Bade says:

    My hero!!!! Hahaha. Seriously great advice. I just need to play more and not feel the pressure to use the big clubs.

  20. dberN 93 says:

    Priceless information and guidance towards a better golf mentality when on the course

  21. Broke 80 for the first time a couple weeks ago. Entire round asked myself “What would golf sideskick do?” “You don’t need to be a hero!” Talked myself through each shot like I was watching one of your videos. What a feeling, waddaplaya!!
    Just ordered a head cover from you… will help me stay zen & hopefully get a few more sub 80 rounds under my belt.

  22. Burton Ray says:

    I honestly think this channel is one of the best on YouTube for golf. It is definitely one of ,if not my favorite. Keep up the great content good sir! I would love to come over there and learn from you one on one.

  23. can you make a video playing with cavity backs pls

  24. roidAholic says:

    went to my last match
    gave my buddy the scorecard i didnt want to think about it
    played from the blues , said im having a stress free round since ive been so hard on myself to try and break 90 this season.

    and finally broke 90 shot an 88 for the first time ever!
    your tips really helped about being conservative in my approach
    hit 3 wood mostly instead of driver and kept the ball in play. thx matty

  25. TheTurdEye says:

    Matt I am in the "D" zone right now and it fucking sucks!

    I haven't had the guts to leave all woods at home for a round yet but I know I should.

    My tee game is all over the place and is hurting me so much.

    Last iron in my bag is the 6 and I will give it a try as my 170-180 yards club!

    Thanks for another much needed video!!!

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