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The hosel is one of the most influential parts a putter’s design when it comes to fitting the correct style to marry up with your stroke.

In this video discover what I look for on the PGA Tour when guiding the best players in the game into a new putter.



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  1. Ryan Deery says:

    Stop that. 🔥

  2. I think the Taylor Made Spider GT lineup of putters with their short slant hosel’s might be the best all around putter for 90% of golfers. I’ve found it to fill a unique niche that blends toe hang with face balance (they do offer single bend hosels, but their short slant hosels give 21 degrees of toe hang irrespective of head shape selection). Most toe hang putters are gonna be 40-ish degrees or more. For a long time your choice was 40 deg or more of toe hang or almost none in a face balanced design. I’m sure there’s other companies out there that offer it, but Taylor Made’s Spider GT lineup w/ the short slant hosel has blown me away. Super super high build quality & materials combined with brilliant technology. I never even gave Taylor Made putters the time of day until picking one up and being stunned. They’re not on the level of a Scotty, but they’re absolutely a step up in class from the Stroke Labs and “OG White Hot Stroke Labs”. I’d even argue they’re better than the Tri-Hots (hard to compare any fully milled, insert-less putter to them… diff vibes). I’m my humble opinion, Taylor Made is making the best putters using inserts. The material of the insert, angles, etc are phenomenal. Lastly, their use of weighting materials and locations on diff models is ingenious. This coming from a guy who 2 years ago would’ve never imagined owning a TM putter… It’s now my go to gamer and fav series/lineup (specifically the 2022 Spider GT series). It can be confusing as they have a few diff series’s. The Spider GT (regular), GT Rollback, GT Splitback, and GT Notchback have something for everyone.

  3. I learned I was using the wrong putter for 19 years. My gamer was a 2000 Odyssey White Hot #2 blade until getting fitted in 2019. Learned most blades had way too much toe hang and arc for my stroke and the ideal putter for me was a 34” mallet/mid-mallet w/ between 10-40 degrees of toe hang (my White Hot #2 was a 33”… I’m 6 ft w/o shoes on… so 6’1” to 6’2” w shoes on). After getting fitted I bought a 34” Odyssey Stroke Lab #7s (37 degrees of toe hang if I remember correctly). Massive improvement over the old blade. However, after experimenting further I realized THE PUTTER for me was a 34” Taylor Made Spider GT Rollback mallet w/ a slant hosel (vs the “fang style mallet”) with steel shaft, less toe hang (21 degrees), and rear/perimeter weighting. It was/is magic. The Stroke Lab 7s was/is great… But the 7s being predominantly toe/heel weighted w/ an extra 17 degrees of toe hang wasn’t helping my natural stroke as much as the Spider GT. The proof was shaving around a dozen strokes off my score. That’s massive. Putter and wedges are the most important clubs in the bag as they comprise around half of your shots per round. And I can say with 100% assuredness that your Driver is the least important. I hit my Driver 9 times a round. MAYBE. Sometimes less if it’s not a long course (I hit 3 wood off the tee on all par 4’s under 400 yards… but that’s not a firm rule either… I hit my 14.5 degree 3 wood about 275 and my 19 degree 3H around 240… both being significantly more accurate… length without accuracy is meaningless).

  4. Eric White says:

    The training aid you had on the putter face. Puttdots right?

  5. Hello Chris I’ve never really checked out what putter I use but my stroke is straight back and through. Today I checked my putter it’s a blade with toe hang and weights in the bottom. Can I change the weights to change the toe hang or is that the wrong thing to do? Great video

  6. So assuming the set up is correct, is the putter length measured to the top of the left wrist

  7. I like this b/c in my experience whether a putter has toe hang or not has no bearing on how I putt with it. So I was happy to hear you say that it really doesn't matter too much for certain styles of putting (i.e. where the eyes are specifically). Very interesting stuff – but it really had nothing to do with hosels did it? LoL

  8. Jon Wright says:

    Thanks for great video & layman explanation of different hosels, need some advice, I'm right handed 6 foot, but due to an accident only have sight in my left eye, I seem to have straight back & forward swing, occasionally small arc, been thinking of trying EX spider, advice on neck type? I stand back from the ball slightly when putting, many thanks & greetings from Ireland

  9. tjeeaa says:

    Very helpful. Simple and to the point and not…nerdy or scientific. 😉
    I learned I should be using toe hang most likely. Eyes inside guy.

  10. Dale G says:

    The best Knowledge.

  11. elloway100 says:

    about to start looking into first purchased putter- away from friends ping craz-e putter g2i.
    Liking the look of mallets- as like weight. How do you decide which neck on the putter you need and also length of putter ?

  12. Is there a hosel to match my figure of 8 stroke?

  13. Great video! I tend to miss to the right, because my putter face is open at impact. What type of hosel would you advice ?Tkx.

  14. Golf Duff says:

    Great video. So interesting!

  15. Chris Smith says:

    This is a great video, thanks! Of course I have a question like most here… I always thought I was looking over the top of ball, but after trying that exercise you did, I'm actually inside by a few inches. My swing path is fairly straight… I have a small arc that I never noticed before until focusing on it after this video.
    I have noticed I arc a little more on longer putts. Is there a hosel recommendation you would have for something like this? I've been looking at the Spider EX lately and was torn. Thanks again for posting these videos!

  16. Trott you’re a legend mate

  17. James Craven says:

    Wow, great info. Thanks!

  18. Rob S says:

    Super helpful! I wonder why Toe-Up / Torque Balanced / Stroke Balanced putters where the face points towards the target aren’t mentioned more.

  19. which neck + hosel has the least amount of toe hang (that's not a double bend / center shaft / single bend)? I'm doing a custom refinish on a face balanced mallet putter w/ a double bend shaft; in general I have a VERY slight arc, just barely enough to deviate from straight back and through… is the small slant that Chris used at the end the best design? I think I would like 10-20 degrees of toe hang ideally

  20. well wait now. What about folks that miss them short, long, right short, right long, short left and long left?!?!?!

  21. My God. That big ass leaf. Did you all see that rascal. Must be an omen. Now this is getting real serious and deep here.

  22. Chris Gros says:

    Hey Trottie! Where can one get that double mirror?

  23. So if I am pushing the ball to the right, I need a face balance putter correct?

  24. Jack Man 13 says:

    Trottie is so true to his craft. The best part about this video is the advice that something like putting is so preference and feel based, that you have
    to let the person being fitted guide the Fitter…👍

  25. 04hulatt says:

    Ok…. Chris I'm more closer to my Odyssey putter the head is similar to Phil Mickelson's putter head it's standard 34 but some how..I feel like I still need to check it like I need a 33.5 cuz it works for me I can hit shot puts and long puts. So do you think I need to change something here?

  26. What would be the argument for choosing centershaft over heel shaft in a face balanced putter? Is it how much you are over the ball with your eyes?

  27. Karl Dann says:

    Hi can I ask, I'm left eye dominant would you suggest face balanced or toe hang putter, I'm 6ft 1 and my eye line is inside with 34 in shaft, What do you suggest with putter type and length?

  28. ryan g says:

    Thanks Trottie! I was trying to fix my stroke. Problem is I can’t see the line, when my eyes are over the ball

  29. MLx23_TCG says:

    my round pro needs to be updated with the new clubs my p7mb's are not in the data base

  30. JohnnyDoe says:

    thought this was about hosel??? how did we end up with another toe hang video..

  31. That six inch leaf tumpling across the green was a beautiful touch.

  32. Kyle Dix says:

    2/2 lengthy putts go in and you don’t even flinch. Lol.

  33. TJR R says:

    Absolutely brilliant mate!

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