How To Grip The Golf Club | 3 Grips – Which Is Right For You?

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Do you know the common golf grips?! Which grip do you use? For those looking to learn some about different golf grips, this video on How To Grip The Golf Club | 3 Grips – Which Is Right For You? is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to try a different grip, we’ll cover three main grips, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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34 Replies to “How To Grip The Golf Club | 3 Grips – Which Is Right For You?”

  1. G G says:

    I just switched to 10 finger grip like 5 minutes ago and I was using the interlock grip before and wow it's way better and doesn't hurt your pinky as much

  2. Daniele P. says:

    how does a player choose the right grip for him?

  3. brian92376 says:

    I do the ten finger on my driver

  4. Eric Beal says:

    I'm 46 yo. 146lbs, 5'6" tall, I use a 10 finger, slightly gapped grip. I find my digits binding up in my fore swing if I snug my hands up. My grip is relaxed (umbrella style). I consistently out drive my golf mates- 6'2" 240-5'10" 160, mid twenties- by at least 10yds. Lugging in at 290 310.
    I starting playing consistently for 3 years now and average +18 on (88) courses I've never played, my driving and chipping game are Eagle/Birdy
    My question is:
    what is the loss of Ty Cobbing the stick? And how much more distance do you think I could gain by say a non Happy Grip or snugging them up?
    Thanks for your work, I appreciate the tithing you pay to the Church of St. Andrew.

  5. There's actually 4 grips, you missed one.

  6. Erykvonkeith says:

    Beth Daniel used a 10 finger grip.

  7. Rob C says:

    I used interlock for a good few years until i mashed up my right hand pinky and now i cant so i went to the 10 finger grip out of necessity and its been game changing, i much prefer it, i feel way more in control.

  8. I've golfed for roughly 6 or 7 years, 5 of which were when I was a teenager and last 2 years. I've always played interlock and decided to try the baseball grip at the range today and holy crap, way more power and accuracy!!! Can't wait to go shoot my next round.

  9. Where do you place your thumb on your right hand (non gloved)?

  10. The Milk Man says:

    putter grip, overlapping grip, interlocking grip. for people who know which class its for

  11. FLANG3265 says:

    You forgot the 4th. Reverse overlap (overlap left index on top of right pinky). It provides the advantage of being more in fingers than interlock but more secure than overlap. It places club in line with last 3 fingers of right hand. It's helpful when middle fingers are different lengths to each other and club sits odd using other grips. The reverse overlap lines up the last 3 fingers better because of hand and finger shape and length.. This stabslizes the club, firms the grip naturally without squeezing and causing tension. The reverse overlap is not as free as the overlap but less tense than either interlock or 10 fingers. There have been a few pros that played reverse overlap.

  12. Dan Rosart says:

    No matter where I start the club in my lead hand it feels like a gentle breeze could knock it into my palm. I don't think I have the pad at the heel of my hand that every piece of grip instruction says to use to hold the club, and even if I had it the glove would flatten it out. What am I supposed to do?

  13. p38shocker says:

    I use the 10 finger with my driver and over lap with my irons. I feel 10 fingers helps me with inside out swing, don’t know why but I seem to slice less and hit more draws.

  14. Hugh Kim says:

    I am a male (mid-handicapper) with smaller hands and shorter fingers. Of course, I have never tried overlap because I was uncomfortable right off the bat not being able to hold the grip tight and easy. Makes sense it is more for a person with large hands and long fingers.
    So I chose interlocking to begin with as it gave me more stability and strength. After playing interlocking about 10 years, I switched to 10 finger about six months ago and have had a great success in my golf! My shots had become more stable and straight. 10 finger especially shined at chipping! Then a golf coach came by and insisted interlocking as if 10 finger was NOT a proper way to move forward. I switched back to interlocking and have totally messed up the recent two roundings. Interlocking gave me too much pressure and locks in my grips. Well, driver and iron shots were okay with that, but my chipping got really messed up.
    I am thinking to go back to either 10 finger all the way or interlocking for all driver/wood/iron shots and 10 finger for chipping. What would be your advice on this Chris? Is it really bad to keep 10 finger? Will this grip somehow limit my ability to hit better or grow into low handicap (say single digit)?

  15. guyrestivo says:

    i just decided to change to interlock because i discovered that the interlock keeps the arms more in front of my body while also keeping the elbows closer together…when using the overlap my arms would get really stuck behind my body…maybe thats just me…

  16. Thanks! I've used 10finger grip for 20years, never really had problems with hooking the ball. But when I took a pro lesson he insisted to change to overlap since I'm powerful enough anyways. I'm probably going to change back.

  17. mio says:

    I went from 10 finger, to interlock, to overlap, back to interlock, and finally back to 10 finger and haven't changed for over a year!

  18. Gregg Tracy says:

    Great video explaining the various grips. I recently tried to change my grip but ended up sticking with my 10 finger grip, now if I can only exorcise the early extension demon! Keep up the great work Clay!!!

  19. Guys i have tiny hands but I am strong weights wise. The only one that feels decent is baseball grip.

  20. Alex Morgan says:

    10 finger all the way! I get way more power. Interlocking kills my hand and finger.

  21. I have big pianist hands and I've never been comfortable with any grip I tried. The club handle always feels way too small to me and as a result I tend to over tighten my grip which in turn gives me blisters. What do you recommend for me?

  22. Rich Davis says:

    Played interlock my whole life plenty of distance just not much control. Literally just tried 10 finger as a joke on the range. Oh how my golf life has changed. See how it works on the course this weekend!

  23. Thanks for this Clay. I have been playing 11 years and have always used the baseball bat grip. But I didn't put my thumbs up on the grip. I am going to try it the right way tomorrow and I am betting it adds power big time. I am practicing swings now and it feels much more powerful. Spider Dubiel

  24. Like most people, I suspect, I started with the ten finger grip. Then, after doing a bit of reading, I realised it was kind of frowned upon, so I switched to the interlocking grip. I used that for years, and it felt okay, but I never felt as comfortable as I did with the ten finger. Then I had a couple of lessons, and it was recommended that I just stick with what felt right.

    I've been using the ten finger grip ever since, and I think it was the right decision. I have quite a powerful swing, but I also have very small hands, relatively speaking, and this way it feels like my grip is more secure, and I have more control. Also, I used to get really bad blisters on both hands, even through a glove, but now I don't, which is a bonus.

  25. J B says:

    I have found i use mostly and interlocking grip with everything except the putter and when im chipping. I chip with a 10 finger and it gets me more control and consistency with the short backswing of a chip. Great video.

  26. Noah Andrews says:

    please dont listen to this video, a short thumb is never a good idea and with an overlapping grip you shouldnt be placing your little finger in that crevasse, it should rest on top of your forefinger. Any pro that uses the overlapping grip will tell you that.

  27. Daniel says:

    I thought the guy on the right was holding a giant wedge for a second hahahaha

  28. Bracey B says:

    I use a standard grip without crossing my fingers when I hit my driver so I don't draw the ball too much. but when I hit my irons, woods, and wedges I cross my fingers so I dont hook it. when I was hitting my driver with the crossed fingers I kept slicing it 20 yards or so but right when I stopped crossing my fingers I hit it dead straight. And with my irons I kept hooking it with the normal grip but when i started crossing my fingers I starting hitting it pretty straight but still with a slight draw. any tips for me?

  29. Scott Ivlow says:

    This is a good video but from David Leadbetter book The Fundamentals of Hogan it is recommend that the interlocking grip is best those with small hands. Having a medium size hands I never heard what the recommended grip is for those with medium size hands. I remember Michael Breed demonstrating an interlocking grip on the Golf Fix. He suggested that way to do it is rest the tip of the index finger and the tip of the little finger on top of the grooves just in the space between the 2 knuckles on the opposite hand. In this way the knuckles on both hands will a line in the same way as a 10 finger grip. Doing it this way releases less tension with the fingers and you don't want over tight grip around the handle. I like the photo for the play button showing a gap between the index and middle finger Hogan and Leadbetter show it that is the proper grip but shouldn't there also be the same gap with 10 finger grip? It would have been neat if they would have mentioned that the grip pressure should just the same as holding a small animal. Not loose that you can't control the club and not so firm that you create so much tension and have calluses.

  30. Brett Cupps says:

    Nicklaus preached the interlock. I used it as a kid because of "Golf My Way." I switched to the overlap late in high school with success, but I started getting shallow on irons. Eventually, I got away from the overlap because I was allowing space between my left index finger and the club grip. I returned to the interlock because the lower pad of my index finger would clamp the grip again. Nicklaus and Woods struck their irons with a good descending blow. My experience was that the interlock seemed to promote that.

  31. I am always a bit disappointed about these grip videos. they never show the grip in the actual address position, they don't show the relationship between a weak/neutral/strong grip and the setup and the influence it has on the movement of the hand and the hinging of the wrists. I have the impression the grip determines all of that, so it would be nice if you could look into that.

  32. Adolfo Zayas says:

    Im a 16/17 hdcp and just started using the baseball grip and found that i have more control over my swing and ball striking

  33. I foresee a number one lag video coming up at the end xD but great content guys!

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