How to INSTANTLY hit your WOODS longer off the TEE – PLUS HYBRIDS

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Instantly lower your scores with these 5 simple steps.
Finding a safe shot of the tee that can continuously give you distance as well as security is key to beating your personal best.

Go give these a go and Let me know how you get on

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16 Replies to “How to INSTANTLY hit your WOODS longer off the TEE – PLUS HYBRIDS”

  1. Play with kids clubs and half golf ball against your dad 😢

  2. Play with kids clubs against your dad 😂 and with half a golf ball

  3. Matt Howard says:

    I'm concerned at your perception of an inch.

  4. We neeeedddd that part 2!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS 3 UPLOADS BEHINDDDDD

  5. This is a problem I face, “scooping it” vs striking it

  6. Play with half golf ball and kids clubs against your dad 😂

  7. Play with kids clubs

  8. Play with half golf ball

  9. Ilds3nHk says:

    He ain't ever gonna show the damn footage 😭😭😭

  10. John Weaver says:

    I’m still amazed how he can top the golf ball perfectly every demo

  11. Bro is lying to his girlfriend that is not an each great content tho

  12. BotManGaming says:

    Day one of asking for a 3d printed golf set (driver,iron,wedge,putter)

  13. BigG22 says:

    Most underrated golf channel 😤

  14. Bogey_Golf says:

    Day 4 of asking for ball footage

  15. Play with a soccer ball instead of golf clubs

  16. Ryan Kloski says:

    I’m going to try this at the driving range! Thanks for the tip!

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