How to INSTANTLY Improve your short game – BOUNCE TEE HACK

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THE TEE BOUNCE TRICK – Instantly lower your scores
Do you struggle with getting up and down?! Here is the key

Go give this a go and let me know how you get on


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28 Replies to “How to INSTANTLY Improve your short game – BOUNCE TEE HACK”

  1. The Wolf says:

    His chunk shot almost went in

  2. Perish says:

    Where is the footage of the camera goofball?????

  3. Paul Shay says:

    I struggle with tucking in / chicken winging at impact around the green. Any tips?

  4. Jo Mutt says:

    Play a par 5 with nothing but the Sergio Garcia Training Putterball

  5. This doesn't prevent you from chunking… How does this help someone with a steep swing (it doesn't)?

  6. Three amigos says:

    How do you track you ball in other videos

  7. Part two of the camera golf ball plz

  8. Play with a golf ball without the spots

  9. Chris Smith says:

    Yeah I totally understand this more. Now how to I not send it 40 yards when I swing like that

  10. Buddy Combs says:

    Yeah I’ll just bump and run with my Chip-O thanks

  11. relic strat says:

    He said it ….wishing they would have used the putter …..and if you don't wanna do that then take a 7 , 8 or 9 iron and putt it with that, yes just a putting stroke.

  12. BM says:

    I can’t understand a word this guy says

  13. MGL says:

    Any chance you could explain "bounce" in a short?

  14. Cpowell04 says:

    Play with only a sand wedge

  15. Definitely will give this a go

  16. DJ Pickle Hi says:

    Play with the happy Gilmore swing

  17. DJ Pickle Hi says:

    Play with old fashioned clubs

  18. DJ Pickle Hi says:

    Play with an ice hockey stick

  19. Aaron 7396 says:

    Can you please play with only putters

  20. Bogey_Golf says:

    Day two of asking for the footage of the camera

  21. Bogey_Golf says:

    Did you try in the open?

  22. DJ Pickle Hi says:

    Play with lefty clubs

  23. Play with hockey sticks instead of a golf club😂

  24. DJ Pickle Hi says:

    Play with a baseball bat

  25. Play with a square golf ball

  26. Play with a hockey puck

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