How to Play One of the Most Dreaded Shots in Golf…PERFECTLY – Improve Your Golf Score & Shots!

It can be one of the areas in golf where if we let it pass us by without up-skilling or addressing what golf issues we may be facing with those tricky in-between yardages golf shots; it can soon ruin our golf scorecard! Learn how to improve your golf score and take fewer golf shots on the golf course by following along with the golf exercises and golf drills in this video by Zen Golf Mechanics.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual’s own risk.


16 Replies to “How to Play One of the Most Dreaded Shots in Golf…PERFECTLY – Improve Your Golf Score & Shots!”

  1. Marcus. So the release pattern is different than a full swing because here you dont want to rotate the face. Right??

  2. swgrant2000 says:

    Thank you Marcus on another brilliant Master Class on such a difficult topic! This video cleared up so many misconceptions that have produced the Yips over the years…..not any more!

  3. Okay so what's happening when I try one of these 40-85 yard shots and I end up hozzling it/shank it. could it just be that I'm not committed because I in fact have zero confidence over that kind of shot. HELP

  4. graham jones says:

    OK 10-90 yd shots are one of my strengths so why am i watching this video! I feel i use excessive or aggressive body action! relative to the distance its how i control distance.Also especially on chip shots its easy to be hypnotised by the ball!you have to try extra hard to visualise the target.flight or landing zone.I hole much more than my fair share of chips n pitches,im sure the golfing gods are planning their revenge!

  5. Marcus I am left hand dominate. I am assuming making the one hand swing with my left hand will work also, play right handed. I have been doing your two club drill, what a difference. I played golf the other day and started to control my fades and draws, not all the time but some. I have never been able to that. Thank you and your staff so much for all the instruction videos. You and your team are the best.

  6. Tom Bettcher says:

    I've improved my full swing rotation by using the 'towel' drill. Finally feeling the chest rotation needed to stay connected. Make sense?

  7. Class mate 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  8. I'm making some assumptions about how this translates into a full swing – it would be great for you to talk about the full swing in similar terms.

  9. BaddBod says:

    I love your videos but I just got a P&O advert at the start. This may not be something you have a choice over but that sort of s*it would stop me watching these videos or just YouTube in general.
    Much love Marcus and gang your work is the best ❤️

  10. Very nice demonstration Marcus

  11. chris h says:

    it's easy for some of us. I hit my 60° full. it goes 55 yards. it's the 35 yard shots I screw up.

  12. Pete Frances says:

    30 seconds in and already I’m dying to see this through… this exact thing happened to me on Wednesday on an opening par 5 and in my anxiety I totally duffed 55yd pitch! Ruined my confidence in my short game 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. What club are you using?

  14. DaHoop says:

    Great video Marcus, thanks!

  15. ChiGLF4 ARGY says:

    I really needed this! Great stuff as usual

  16. Heydeereman says:

    I have noticed that sometimes I try to cheat the weight shift by sliding the hips to start the downswing. When I do the swing goes off the rails

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