How to play PIN-GOLF – Fun competitive pinball for all skills –

One of our favorite ways to play competitive pinball is called Pin-Golf. In this video I explain how it works. It’s super easy to do and can accommodate players of any skill level, even team competitions. Try it!

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7 Replies to “How to play PIN-GOLF – Fun competitive pinball for all skills –”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this video! I needed a refresher on pin golf because I’m going to a tournament this weekend . Always love the videos!

  2. Larry DeGraw says:

    The score to reach would be the objective (the cup in golf), wouldn't it? The PAR would be the average number of balls it should take to reach that objective. Although it seems the over/under PAR is irrelevant; you just need to know the total number of balls played. I don't understand the purpose of PAR in golf instead of just scoring the total number of strokes. I suppose "10 under par" sounds cooler than claiming a score of "64".

  3. Thanks! Will definitely do this.

  4. Like the idea of the completing a mode or starting a specific multi ball as an idea for the objectives rather than a score as it really will test the player ability rather than a full understanding of rules of the game to maximize points. Thanks.

  5. Very nice content!! Congratz

  6. Good explanation. Are there any more examples or a website with examples for pingolf rules? I need some inspiration and I would like to compare my skills with others. Pingolf rules also seem interesting for competative speedrunning pinball.

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