How To Practice Like a Pro Golfer // With A Full Time Job

I take a look at how I practice like a pro golfer while maintaining a full-time job.
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About Me:
My Name Is Kennie, but my friends call me Kennie Kat. I’m a competitive golfer and my goal is to help average golfers improve by learning from my success and also some of my failures.

I do videos on how I practice and routines that I use to improve, round recaps of my tournaments, golf lessons with my instructor, and reviews on training aids that I use to improve my golf game.


23 Replies to “How To Practice Like a Pro Golfer // With A Full Time Job”

  1. It’s tough because as a traveling construction worker “electrician”, I work 6:30am-5pm. But, still manage those
    4:30am workouts 3xs a week.
    6:30 pm range days 3xs a week.
    Playing on weekends..

    -Having an awesome wife and a hood YouTube channel “yours” are meets to improving!
    Thanks for the vids bro!

  2. John Olsen says:

    Thank you for this video. This year i will go practice much more than a have, but not as much as you 😉 I think i will have a drill, where i will start with some warmup at the pitch and put for 15 minuts, and then go on course for 9 holes. After the round, i will go practice the things that did'nt go good on the course. I hope this will make better, if i can focus in the "bad" stuff wright after they happend……On the days where nothing is wrong, i will just go home and open a six-pack and celebrait ( if that ever happens ;-P )

  3. You into graffiti I like the obey stuff behind you

    I really like this video man

  4. What is the timeline of your handicap? say five years back to today? any plateaus?

  5. What do you do to practice downhill, uphill, and side hill shots?

  6. My only issue with this amazing routine is burnout , it does seem excessive, a day or even two days rest some weeks could benefit you , Monday would seem like a good day to rest if you played a tournament day before , God bless your energy is all I can say and your dedication to get up at 5 am and not turn over and snuggle into your gorgeous girlfriend 😂

  7. I go to a putting green that has about 6 holes. I go from one hole to the next and try to 2 putt to each one with three balls. 6 holes X3 is 18. I keep score and do as little as two rounds or as many as 6 pending on the time. If the green is busy I'll work on something else, but this is my favorite drill.
    I also do something like your 18 where I chip to three different holes and try to one putt to each.

  8. Great video and some great ideas for training. Question: Don't you get tired at work if you get up so early every day?

  9. Thank you for this video, I was wondering how I can put the time in to improve my golf game and now I have a blueprint. Once again thank you.

  10. Buzz says:

    Great video

  11. D Goloks says:

    This was awesome so relevant to me! Keep up the good work!

  12. natskis says:

    Found you off the launch monitor reviews. Now I'm binging your content.
    Keep it up man. This is great stuff.

    Huge props from down in Australia.

  13. Carl Wright says:

    One of my favorite drills at the range is to play 9 holes. I'll pick my home course or a course I will be playing on the weekend and go through my shots for each hole. I will use my Rapsodo for the distances.

  14. Hi Kennie!
    I started golf about a year a go. This year I decided to get my handicap down to the low teens. Te big issue I have is that in the country I live in golf is not so popular, so the closest golf course and range is about a 70 minute drive from were I live. So what's the best way for me to work on my swing? (I do have a hitting net) I work a lot on my putting and chipping with foam balls. But working on my full swings is hard with me not seeing the result of my shots. Do you have any tips for that?

  15. rickychewy says:

    Kennie the snow is melting!!!! Its golf season up here in Minnesota and I am rickety ready to start practicing golf outside. Which do you think would be better for the first weekend of golf after the offseason –

    1 Spend all weekend at the range and short game areas doing drills like you described in the video
    – OR –
    2 Go play 18 Friday afternoon and 36 on Saturday and 36 on Sunday.

    I feel like my initial answer would be number 1. Practicing drills and honing in my skills for the course would be best way to start a season. But I'm thinking about it more and maybe playing a ton of rounds could show me what drills I should practice and where my weaknesses are.
    The true answer could be somewhere in the middle too, if you have the time for a whole weekend then yeah play a round then practice drills then play another and practice some more. Anyways thought the question was fun to think about cause I am watching the snow melt and cleaning my clubs watching your video's

    Keep it up dude, these videos are top class!!

  16. Love seeing and hearing your practice routine. Awesome seeing someone else using the 18 game to practice short game. Kat, when your playing 18 do always throw the ball over your shoulder? Or do you find yourself dropping in harder or easier places around the green depending on how well you're doing in the game? I, most of the time, play 18 like the ladder dropping in harder or easier places depending on the last "hole".

  17. This is great stuff. The "right meow" gets me every time 🤣😹

  18. Michael A says:

    Top quality content right here!

  19. Moss Hopper says:

    A Bryson smash session. Because it is fun as hell.

  20. Jeff T says:

    Awesome! Hate sitting around myself… 👍🏻

  21. Drill I use are trying to hit the ball on the heel, middle, and toe with every club, basically understand how to control delivery. How far do you live from your practice area?

  22. Eric Locke says:

    Great content and insight to your routine Kennie.

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