How to RELEASE the Golf Club for Power and Accuracy!

In this video, Steve shows you 2 different styles of release, so you can match up the style that works best with your golf swing.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, and have more FUN!
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15 Replies to “How to RELEASE the Golf Club for Power and Accuracy!”

  1. ron celano says:

    I believe Hogan did what he did because he struggled with hooking the ball.

  2. GASSY JONES says:

    100% accurate! It really all depends on your taste

  3. Kevin Bryant says:

    Cool look at Hogan's right arm from that angle. Fascinating to think that I might be able to time the club-face "squareness" with less practice than "holding off" to one repeating level of squareness.

  4. Bassmasta911 says:

    Very interesting. I am new to golf and am having the internal battle of hitting the ball with mostly rotation or with rotation and release, can't decide which feels better

  5. NukeTube says:

    I don't want to be mean but that's an ugly LUT. Warm it up a bit.

  6. P P says:

    Hogan’s right arm position was his way of eliminating his early problem of hooking the ball.

  7. Beau Hughes says:

    Steve " white pants " Pratt 😂

  8. Ernie Winn says:

    Hogan didn't release the club because he played a fade.

  9. Is this the same video you published a couple of weeks ago? I figure you made some minor changes. Nonetheless, loved your analysis.
    Would you recommend learning the Hogan style of swing as part of one's arsenal to get out of trouble spots? For example, let's say you hit a wild fade into some trees. You need to keep the ball low and straight for about 30 or so yards to keep it under the limbs. Would you say the Hogan swing would work best in this situation?

  10. Sir TogII says:

    I think it's very difficult to compare swings from different eras as well as equipment, especially the ball has changed so much. Certainly the Austin way of swinging matches the modern game a lot more than Hogans.

  11. I try to release earlier than you Steve, thru trial and error I hit it further. Every swing and body type are different

  12. M Y says:

    Hi Steve. Another amazing video. What's your opinion on Austin method probably being the more preferred method for game improvement mid to long irons. That perimeter weighting + offset makes it incredibly difficult to hit functional shots imo with a Hogan type releases. Although I find the Hogan style way easier to control for my driver. I don't want to run out of right arm when I am hitting up on a driver. Your thoughts are much appreciated

  13. Better explanation. Thanks

  14. migbgold says:

    Hogan said in an interview that he hit with his trial hip leading the hands into impact. Whereas yours is more hands leading. I have a feeling his holding off on that right arm/hands extending and releasing until a later point post impact is a virtue of his determination to keep his clubface a little bit quieter to have a more fade bias shot and to avoid his old nemesis (the snap hooks)

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