How To Start Your Downswing (99% Of Amateurs Get This Wrong)

It’s no secret that the transition and downswing are crucial to get right if you want a consistent, powerful and repeatable swing. 99% of amateurs get the concept of when to shift towards the target completely wrong but today I’m going to fix that for you!

When do we shift our weight back towards the target?
What part of the foot do we push into in order to achieve this?
What does the upper body do?

I will answer all 3 of these questions in todays video. By answering these you’ll learn how to have an efficient transition which lead to a great downswing. As well this I will run through some simple transition and downswing drills which will give you the correct feelings in order to learn this movement fast.

Do this and you’ll transform your golf swing! This is a must watch video for golfers of any level who are serious about improving their swing and game!

Check out this video and like always let me know what other golf coaching videos you would like to see!

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47 Replies to “How To Start Your Downswing (99% Of Amateurs Get This Wrong)”

  1. Hi everyone,
    Would love to know your thoughts on technology in the modern game. Is it good or bad? What’s your favourite piece of golf tech?

  2. pmata814 says:

    So does this mean that the trail hip is still rotating backwards as we’re shifting the wight forward?

  3. Wen Bray says:

    Giles, great vid this is a very hard concept, no matter your handicap. However wanted to shout out that I love to see you add some color now to your wardrobe (tan shirt) 😅 looking good man friend.

  4. Smiththebat says:

    This is a kickass video, brother! 🤙🤙 this might be top three reasons for amateur slices. Probably the main reason people come over the top!

  5. I struggle with an incomplete turn not getting my back to the target and not getting my chest facing up at the end of the backswing…I feel this drill will make that even more pronounced and flatten the swing even more?

  6. Andrew Nam says:

    An excellent rendition of how golf swing works! I agree with you 100%. Keep it up Giles!

  7. What is the simplest and most reliable technology to view ones weight shift in the golf swing?

  8. Is the Part II video published yet?

  9. David Talbot says:

    I had six lesson's about ten years ago it was a complete waste of money my advice teach yourself using video's like this one .

  10. Edmund D says:

    Giles, it is never too late to teach an ol' dog new tricks. As an octogenarian, I can attest your teaching is the absolute best. All of your videos are excellent; however, the two phase pressure applied to the lead foot was eye opening. Granted, it needs to be drilled to really stick, but done correctly (or almost) it makes the timing and strike so much better. Thanks for you outstanding work.

  11. Tom Murtagh says:

    Very good video. I struggle with with my downswing which is way too fast from the start and usually pull my shots left due to turning too much.

  12. Love Love says:

    How do you position the iron head? Flat on the floor so the main Center of the iron face the target?

    Thanks for your answer

  13. Bob Reidy says:

    Have you produced a video for senior seniors (75 +). Rotation and weight shift is far more difficult now than it was 50 years ago. I need uncomplicated advice on distance without injury.

  14. Jason Rhodes says:

    Amazing video. Thank you. I was struggling getting back to my left side from the top. This was causing in part a slice. I was moving from the right to left too late. I’m sure this will help me be more consistent.

  15. Isaac Smith says:

    @gilesgillgolf just curious if you keep a handicap and what it is. I love your content so far.

  16. Niloc Draw says:

    When I strike well I do feel as if I did a pause at the top. Nice.

  17. GGG…..good examples….thanks for not over verbalized….drills beneficial…thanks for sharing most appreciative

  18. Nice lesson, however, I think the question "what part of the foot" might need to be re-evaluated. Whenever I hear or read the former greats of the game, who often lifted their heel on the backswing, stomping the heel down is their idea of the first move down. I've heard Nicklaus say the same thing and he was pretty good at golf lol

  19. herbie4u2009 says:

    Do you have a driver downswing secret video? It is the one I am having trouble with. Thank you.

  20. alex choi says:

    I definitely see the benefit from hitting off turf. Would this "early shift" work on a driver swing, where you are trying to swing up?

  21. Thank you, Could you do a video about how should the club exits after impact for iron and driver ?

  22. Matthew Chan says:

    Thanks Giles. This video clears my mind totally

  23. I have just come across your site and watched this video, I have to say it was very impressive. I have been aware that amateurs are late in the transition but the Morikowa example was amazing. Keep up the great content.

  24. Your videos are amazing well translated and great examples. I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Keep them coming brother. I am a scratch golfer and have been consistently putting your videos in action love how I am making contact. Thanks

  25. Thanks for the amazing video and advice. We are learning a lot from your channel

  26. I love the Sportsbox visual

  27. Great video. Super easy to apply. But now there is a lack rotation over the left leg after stepping into it. I don't know how to get good rotation on the left leg

  28. djpoints says:

    Outstanding presentation and amazing proof of a concept i was never quite sure was technically approved by the golf community. Total amateur here, but humbly quite coordinated, athletic, and addicted to clean contact. However i grew up without any instruction, but rather just tried to repeat those swats that generated that unforgettable clean contact i would eventually stumble upon. And this presentation is so fascinating to me because this move to shift forward barely 50% into the backswing is exactly what i stumbled upon those carefree days as a kid. And as baseball players we used to screw around and step into the swing for fun. And it was fun because it really worked so well. We would crush the ball. Had no idea those prehistoric days would become a tried and true drill one day with amazing technology to boot! This era is truly fascinating to guys that are old enough to have had nothing but trial and error. Anyway, rambling, but great stuff my youtube friend!

    Edit: oh and your connection to how this early weight transfer directly causes the diserable position of your back facing the target is brilliant. I think this is what so many pros say after a frustrating round—-i got too quick. As an adult my thought process is to hold my shoulder back more, but nope, i think the key is what you state. Just transfer earlier. That's the key move that naturally keeps the back, back, and keeps one from getting too quick. Which like so much in this game is counter intuitive. Transferring earlier is actually a move to slow things down 🤷‍♀️

  29. Lenard Tan says:

    Easy to understand video tips 😊

  30. M A says:

    Brilliant, I have left transition too late for a long time , I can’t wait to try this – thanks

  31. 9:10 That demo swing without a ball looks exactly like the dreaded lower body sway that I had for years. I'm still trying to correct it after hundreds of demos showing rotation. My opinion, copy his swing WITH a ball, not that sway…unless you like push slices.

  32. Ferg_life says:

    Need that next video. Struggling to get the hips open at impact and straightening the right arm early. Great stuff incorporating these drills today

  33. Barry Spicer says:

    More great content Sir Andrew!
    I’ve been working hard on my left shoulder to get better rotation (from one of your earlier videos) but this video seems to counter your advice about “down & forwards, up & out of the way”, should I aim to be more passive in my upper body and focus on the ball of my left foot instead?
    Love the tech BTW.

  34. Kevin Sharp says:

    Really enjoyed the video. Recently subscribed as I like the way you break things down logically and give clear instructions and exercises. Will take this lesson to the driving range later this week.

  35. MidLifeBiker says:

    99% of ameteur's makes me wonder about the 1%ers tbh…..

  36. Yathi Ramani says:

    Another great video Giles! As a lot of people have said, you have a way of explaining things that really connects. If there are any technical aspects where there are differing techniques or schools of thought, I’m sure it would help a lot of people if you called them out as there is quite a bit of confusion amongst us poor game improvers…. Thanks again!

  37. Rob Meredith says:

    Giles, great vid as always, tried it out and felt like I had so much more time to complete the downswing. Does this principle of hip swaying towards lead leg during backswing also apply with Driver?

  38. Thank you for another great video. Does the early change of direction also apply to driver?

  39. Keith Oliver says:

    As a senior golfer I lift my lead heal in the back swing to give more hip turn how can I incorporate the move on to the ball of my foot another great video

  40. Adam Carey says:

    Great video one question I have about the transition piece with the upper body. When you transfer your weight to the lead foot should you be done rotating your upper body in the backswing?

  41. reese125 says:

    Giles—you’re a stud instructor. This was one of my favorites for sure. Seeing that side by side technology is awesome. I’ve been trying to correctly time my downswing for weeks and this made it easier to see and work on. Thanks man!

  42. ELVIS LIEW says:

    Best explanation! Simple & direct! Other coaches confused the hell out of golfers 😂

  43. Again great info lots to work on thanks

  44. crimn says:

    Actually in the swing like a pro book, they found all golfers shift about 2" off the ball. U can see rory do it perfectly, yet most teaching is a stack and tilt for amatuers.

  45. NRY 91 says:

    Great video, can you make a video of the different types of triggers to get a better rhythm. Maybe with examples from pro golfers.

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