How to Stay Down and Turn Through the Ball

This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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8 Replies to “How to Stay Down and Turn Through the Ball”

  1. Jon Parker says:

    This is seriously one of if not the best drill for early extension I’ve experienced. Went to the range today and the “thought and feel” of moving to the left quadrant in the downswing/impact for me was HUGE!!! MASSIVE improvement in my ball striking and solid contact. I don’t get why I never really understood this before….THANK YOU😎👍

  2. The internet works fine dude

  3. Rob Dixon says:

    Likely the most informative, practical golf swing video I have seen. Takeaway, rotation and release all simply delivered by Russell in under 6 minutes! Thanks so much!

  4. Simply brilliant, Russell

  5. Huttboynz says:

    Good content Russell, very helpful and practical! 👍

  6. H Gibson says:

    Nice focus on the motions into lower left box and upper left box. I find when I want to swing a bit faster/harder I tend to stand up on the downswing.

  7. hammockmonk says:

    Another brilliant vid, Russell. Thanks!

  8. Ever considered a trip to the US? Your fans here would love to meet up for a lesson.

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