How to Stop Chunking Your Irons (Golf Chunk Shot Fixes)

If you are tired of hitting golf chunk shots with your irons, you could be making one of these 3 common mistakes.

Learn how to stop chunking the golf ball with these simple tips from Todd Kolb of US Golf TV today!

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21 Replies to “How to Stop Chunking Your Irons (Golf Chunk Shot Fixes)”

  1. J P says:


  2. Dave John says:

    Good tips…Nothing like bombing a nice draw down the fairway and chunking a wedge into the green….It costs me at least 5 shots a round…more if there is a water hazard in front of the green…

  3. Shane Deel says:

    It helps me to try and top the golf ball. Try to skim over the top of the ball in your mind. Of course if your a chunked like me then you will never top it no matter how hard you try. It’s near impossible for me to ever top a golf ball.

  4. Shane Deel says:

    For 2 years I’ve hit 80 percent chunks. I’ve took 14 lessons through 3 different coaches. The last coach finally said he didn’t have any more options for me lol

  5. Fred Barnard says:

    One thing that helped me was where I focused on the ball itself. I was always focused on the back of the ball (where the clubface hits the ball). I simply changed my focus to the front of the ball and walla…fixed it.

  6. Shee Golfs says:

    Thanks for share this informative and helpful video👍

  7. I have a problem with my irons because I pull down the club too hard before connecting with the ball also poor weight shift good video

  8. Kieran Awall says:

    Cheers for the tips my friend

  9. Takata Store says:

    Very informative! Thx your time to make this video

  10. KiDD ViDD says:

    I've tried everything to quit chunking my shots. And the one thing that finally helped was making a wider stance. Eliminates weight shift

  11. You have a perfect voice for youtube.

  12. This is great. Thank you so much everyone who made this!

  13. Man, that hands too far forward tip completely changed my iron shots. I couldn't figure out what I was messing up with! Thank you!

  14. H L says:

    I have been a pretty consistent iron player, but from time to time I will have those chucking and wedge shanking moments, what I like to see is a slow motion shank strike just to see what happens during a shank, so far no one ever demonstrated that with a high speed cam. It would be nice to see the club path etc that causes a shank.

  15. Appreciate the tips. Very helpful

  16. Muito bom! Excelente explicação!

  17. Alan Goudie says:

    Another clear,helpful video from an enthusiastic teacher.Thank you for all your valuable videos & advice.

  18. Peter Davis says:

    Nice. Three excellent points that I'll take to the driving range tomorrow. As I mentioned in an earlier comment on a previous video, I'm trying to learn to create a proper hit by letting the bottom of the swing arc hit the ground just slightly ahead of the ball–thereby hitting slightly down on the ball and avoiding the chunk. Ball position, weight distribution, and club/hands angle. I've heard a lot of people complain that it's not really possible to practice this on artificial turf–and unfortunately, too many driving ranges today are artificial turf. What's your take? Any advice on how to practice effectively off of artificial turf? (I do notice that I play and hit the ball better when I'm on the course on real grass.) Thanks. Excellent video.

  19. Do you not want hands forward of the ball at impact at all? Is this a compromise for us amateurs, with the pro's doing the de-lofting with hands forward, etc?

  20. Always like a video that simplifies things. Great work 👍

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