How to WIN at Golf and DOMINATE your competition with The DOD King

The DOD King and Big John show you how to WIN at golf in this 9 hole scramble at Sleepy Hole Golf Course. Take these life lessons to heart.

Tees are for CHEATERS

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44 Replies to “How to WIN at Golf and DOMINATE your competition with The DOD King”

  1. THE DOD KING says:

    I’m a man of the people. This is for the people 👑

  2. Drew Jorde says:

    Imagine for merch you release tees. But on them they say “cheater” 😂

  3. Travis Logan says:

    DOD king! Is the people’s choice! 🔥

  4. mufc hibbo says:

    I come here for the entertainment tbh…but the information given is priceless…boy the lad can play

  5. Awesome . Real description of where to hit shots,no swing instruction, just what’s needed. Great vid Thankyou guys ⛳️⛳️

  6. M C says:

    Every time he did aimpoint he picked the correct direction with his foot but then puts the opposite way .. I think he has it backwards

  7. Love it bro! Can we get a what's in the bag update since the epic fitting? Are u using that dialed in Mini Driver? Keep up the great content Bro. Your are the Anti-Good Good content and I can't get enough of it.

  8. Adam Fish says:

    DoD King needs to prove his mettle by taking bong rip mulligans with Country Club Adjacent.

  9. BJ Dickman says:

    You made a bad work day manageable, thanks bro.

  10. ericponte87 says:

    wow the homies were str8 shitten!!!!!

  11. Chris10eight says:

    Need a little music and he's videos to go with your flow

  12. Trey Thomas says:

    what day is your birthday man? is it the 3rd or 2nd? i think we share bdays lmao

  13. forgot the shot tracer on hole 4 letting me down dog. i don't mind

  14. Someone must of got water on him the gremlins are multiplying.

  15. Rich Douglas says:

    And I also bought a used Jack Nicholas bear the blade.. Both are fantastic.. I know with all your sponsorship you could have them send you one of those futura

  16. Rich Douglas says:

    Yes I bought a used Scotty Cameron futura

  17. Rich Douglas says:

    Just a little FYII am a keyboard Warrior watching you from a far truck driving living in a little town called Omaha Nebraska home of the college World Series I used to be a 6 handicap I took 10 years off so I'm lucky to play bogey golf now but with a little bit of fitting in A Little More Practice I'm getting Better so hopefully I can get it all back

  18. Rich Douglas says:

    Let's get the go fund me and the sponsorship going for the DOD invitational

  19. Rich Douglas says:

    Happy Birthday to the DOD king

  20. It’s hilarious how good these guys are. Game backs it all up. G shit

  21. Mike C says:

    Game recognizes game

  22. gavin harvey says:

    These guys talk like a couple of gang members …… from alabama

  23. I respect it bro. When I dialed it back to hit fairways I went from a 2 to a +2.
    And when I say dialed back we still hit bombs I’m just not trying to hit it 300-320. 285-290 is plenty to score on any course.
    With a pair of soft mitts and some confidence I’ll challenge anyone 🤘

  24. Clement Wong says:

    Happy birthday Carter, truly impressive game you got. Damn straight, anyone playing a match against you will be rattling on the inside with the way you go about with your swag.

  25. Randy Tracy says:

    “Hard dome, soft mitts!! “

    …DOD King

  26. Jack Roohan says:

    Calling your buddy out for cussing on the channel 18:50 new level of respect brother. Man of all the people 👍

  27. God damn winstonian with the monster drive. No glove, no notice, someone else’s driver—respect!

  28. Majority of the game is what YOU are comfortable doing. From the fringe to 110 yards, I use P wedge lol. I can’t tell you how many times strangers in tournaments have asked how the F i flop shots with a. P wedge and honestly I don’t know, but it works for me lol. Don’t think, just Feel it (no homo)🤷🏼‍♂️

  29. BassPro2 says:

    You eat corn the long way buddy.

  30. Rich Ghost says:

    Tee using weasel from the UK Here! 🤣

    Love your vids!

  31. Happy Birthday Big King 🤙💪⛳️🍾💸

  32. Some Guy says:

    The little ball of hate, back at it again. Put some overalls on him and he would be the Chucky of golf.

  33. Big John nice. Bring that boy back

  34. Alan Henfrey says:

    Good vid…happy bday…

    Stay of social media when drinking…pleeeeez

  35. Common Sense says:

    DOD don't skimp on that sunscreen

  36. Shortstahp says:

    Just such pure golf content love it

  37. Please tell John to get his own character. Kid looks like he has game but doesn’t have the same delivery as you. It’s like watching little brother copying big.

    By the way love the channel!

  38. love the you and big john combo… the peoples champ

  39. TheBuckness says:

    this was dope………you need to collab with other you tubers and give them the smackdown

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