How You Can Help Change The World By Improving Your Health & Fitness | Mind Pump 2129

00:00 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Fitness & Health can save the world!
32:36 Music and education.
38:00 Seeking outside of the traditional way of learning and educating ourselves.
44:53 Training your palette to prefer whole-natural foods.
52:23 Organifi practices what they preach.
54:56 Shout out to Drew Canole.

56:25 #ListenerLive question #1 – What are some tips/tricks you all have done to stay living a healthy lifestyle? When you have lulls in your fitness, what do you do to stay on track?
1:13:44 #ListenerLive question #2 – I have a lot of weight to lose, should I cut first or wait and build muscle?
1:30:43 #ListenerLive question #3 – What exercises could I do to strengthen the muscles in the throw and get more explosive at disc golf?
1:53:10 #ListenerLive question #4 – Should I opt for doing the big lifts at the beginning with lower reps and high weight and finish it off with lower weight and high reps? Should I stick to a specific rep range throughout the whole workout?

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36 Replies to “How You Can Help Change The World By Improving Your Health & Fitness | Mind Pump 2129”

  1. Emma says:

    Fitness content for all, thanks for being consistent in your videos as it helps me stay consistent with workouts, nutrition and sleep routine 👍🏻Emma Ahmed 🇬🇧

  2. Fifteen Subs says:

    Just think about the incentives they were pushing if someone got a waxxine: beers, burgers, fries

  3. The opening to the show was so powerful! Loved it!!

  4. ranjit sagoo says:

    Now that was an Intro!

  5. Storm Rhode says:

    You guys sounded a bit goofy in a few parts of this episode. I agree with you guys about how everyone should strive for health and be wary of deterrents and misinformation. But I think the effigy you create is making you guys sound a little paranoid, possibly since you went at this pretty zealously. I think handling it with a little more levity would give less power to the effigy you're creating.

    Also, Sal and Adam are decrying student debt relief, yet have never even graduated from a college/university. You can have an opinion on the matter, but it's pretty obvious that you're inexperienced (some might go so far to say ignorant) about the subject. We're often talking about tens of thousands of dollars in debt in your early twenties, sometimes being naively drawn to a sub-optimal career direction (though even the more viable options can leave you screwed). My mom's been paying hers off for decades in spite of having a decent career. I went to school with a lot of international students who had to pay up to five times the amount we did. I think this is a place where you guys confidently spew from your asses.

    I do totally agree with you guys on our antiquated education system, though!

  6. Solid episode guys! We really do have to embody overall health. That’s mental, financial, spiritual and of course physical. When we live with this alignment the people that are open to the message will openly receive it. It’s not about shoving it down anyone’s throats, it’s about walking the walk. That energy resonates.

  7. Nothing like my daily dose of Mind Pump! Great episode lots of valuable information and the first time that within 30 seconds my blood was boiling. I don't know about anyone else but to see biologically born males act like being obese or terribly skinny should be something to strive for rubbed me the wrong way. Back to THEY their programming continues to work on people keep the masses unhealthy and you have Sheep and life long customers! I saw a hater in the comments….keep speaking y'all minds….FREEDOM OF SPEECH My Guys! As always thanks for the information.

  8. Great episode guys! Keep putting out great content.

  9. Strike396 says:

    Health is wealth!

  10. The reason the left is demonizing exercise is because socialists can't re-distribute muscles. There is no substitute for working hard in the gym to get in shape and healthy. Socialists are lazy and work adverse, so something like working hard in the gym is unthinkable. Therefore, they need to demonize the gym and normalize fat and unhealthy as beautiful, and then attempt to cancel anyone who goes against it.

  11. Steve Curtin says:

    One of your most important shows. We gotta bring humanity back from this disaster.

  12. Ike Acha says:

    That intro was so fun to watch😄. And so true, it was quite challenging at first for me to break out of this mentality of excess and start taking my health seriously, but it has been worth it. And I have witnessed "by example" transformations like you were talking ab with family. Always a pleasure, guys

  13. New to serious health and fitness, started at 190lbs in May and down to 175lbs. BJJ black belt training 2-3 days per week and did a PPL 6 day program and don’t know where to go next. I want to get to a 4 day split and start bulking back to 185 to try and add 10l lbs of muscle. Discovering your show is very helpful throughout this process! 5”11, 38 M

  14. Mia Marlow says:

    This is an awesome podcast to talk about lessons for work

  15. Alejandro Bo says:

    I would like to get the bundle, i liked, suscribed and have the notifications on

  16. M Almo says:

    F yeah! That intro was Great! Like always I love the content 💪🏽

  17. Some members of my family think I’ve gone off the deep end, when I talk about this.

  18. Elentée says:

    And this is why I listen to mind pump. They talk about the real and they don’t try to sugar coat. They say what they mean.

  19. Ben Dover says:

    Geez Igor.. thanks for the nap . 😴

  20. I appreciate you guys going hard on how they DONT want us to exercise. Especially men. They want us weak, I wonder why 🤔

  21. Sal shave your armpits

  22. Mario Lozano says:

    This war starts with us, and then we need to help and guide our children and keep them safe from people like the ones in the beginning, who are trying to attack them and brain wash them. Long live faith, fitness and family.

  23. Karen Smith says:

    Agreed 100% Bring it on!! We will fight the good fight! BTW – we do have an evil force coming against the health and safety of our families right now. Great show today guys! Loved all the content each one brought to the table. 💥

  24. Adam Saucedo says:

    I’ve always wondered what the statistics of failure would look like if we, humanity, weren’t so easily pushed towards quitting. I’m not saying people that get accuser wiped out or destroyed, lose everything but just the mentality of I’m on step 10 I just got hit back to step 4 I’m quitting it’s not for me.

  25. Adam Saucedo says:

    I hope one day you guys do an episode with Andy Frisella! Whether on your show or his!

  26. I make a good very good living and training is my passion. I found it at 30 and wish I had sooner. I actually told my trainer I want to quit my job and do what you do. I’m not sure if I’m there yet but I find myself really fascinated by the human body training etc.

  27. I am a Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman: a quiet professional: tried, tested and dedicated to achieving excellence in maritime special operations. I 'm a disciplined, confident and highly motivated warrior.

    My honor and integrity are beyond reproach, my commitment unquestioned and my word trusted. The American people depend on me to carry out my mission in a professional manner.

    I maintain my craft, equipment and myself at the highest level of combat readiness. I set the standard and lead by example. I am responsible for my actions and accountable to my teammates. I challenge them to perform, as I expect them to challenge me.

    Sal, I AM ready for war. I will close and engage the enemy with the full combat power of my craft. My actions will be decisive yet measured. I will always complete the mission. I will never quit and I will leave no one behind.

    My heritage comes from the Sailors who operated the PT boats of World War II and the combatant craft of Vietnam. The legacy of these warriors guides my actions. I will always remember the courage, perseverance and sacrifices made to guarantee our nation's freedom. I uphold the honor of those who have fought before me and will do nothing to disgrace my proud heritage.

    On Time, On Target, Never Quit. Hooyah MindPump


    Bring it on…(Central Banking Family)


  28. When it comes to “THEY”, they’re bottom line is dictated by your lifestyle. Get fit and tell them to kick rocks! #TeamMindPump Let’s go! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  29. That's why they claim it's racist to workout eat meat etc. "They" don't want men willing to fight when the time comes

  30. Yooo mind pump motivation over here. Let's go! 🦾 you guys should do a motivation mix😎 I'd workout to that.
    Or colab with Makaveli motivation 🤪

  31. No real woman likes skinny ass spaghetti arms on men…wtf. Ew.

  32. ARA 🧕 says:

    Yes!!! Love this episode.. I wish lots of people can wake up to this subject 💪🏼

  33. OMG 😂 is this where JP got his material for his most recent post? 🤣 That intro was hilarious, especially that skinny guy at the end talking about not caring about people's tricep 🤭.

  34. My experience as a woman who has been living a healthy lifestyle eating whole foods, exercising, working on strength/balance/flexibiliry….trying to live by exMple and waiting for people to ask me what i do, when they ask, they dont want to do any of it. They want the easy way out, to take a pill, they dont want to work for it like i have for the past 20 yrs. I am 54. I make people uncomfortable with how I eat. I say nothing to people qhen they eat differently than I do.
    Too many people now a days that have taken the blue pill. Lol.😂

  35. LAMEHERC says:

    yes, if i want to learn about economics and political theory i go straight to the personal trainers

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