HSTikkyTokky E-Date With N30N

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44 Replies to “HSTikkyTokky E-Date With N30N”

  1. Hs loves the sluzzasssss

  2. sacapone says:

    Hs how do i get in contact with you shun

  3. sacapone says:

    Hs goat of uk fr

  4. Don’t tell me you Bruv’s didn’t see “ her” nuts

  5. am i trippin or u da guy from yubo? swear i used to watch yo lives n shi befo u said u was gone take a break from it for a while

  6. Roe wp says:

    If the creator like this he hates black ppl

  7. What’s her ig and of

  8. CBH says:

    N3on was the funniest one ngl

  9. Rhys 2003 says:

    How do u get on these e dates 🤣

  10. # ZT says:

    That scouse geeza too funny bruv😂

  11. Adam Read says:

    😂😂 waiting for a minute 😂😂

  12. Ispeakfacts says:

    So this is the uk’s Kai cenat

  13. Jsambo says:

    Kev was going hard on the joint there man😂😂

  14. who does this bird think she is LOL

  15. Repz4u says:

    What’s her IG

  16. TophU says:

    What is this strat all the OF girls be doing , does picking the ugliest guys actually convert subscriptions 😂

  17. YNW64 says:

    Subscribed can i win the giveaway

  18. Secret Guy says:

    He was brought on to get the piss taken out of him.

  19. Buddah Kush says:

    Whats the point of this nobody going to merry a slut😂

  20. HSTikkyTokky says:

    I have a absolute banger of a video dropping at 2K subs you boys don't want to miss it, #Subscribe… 96% of you are not subbed lets change that… #RoadTo5KSubs 💥

  21. Sof says:

    best video‼️

  22. j LFC says:

    Proper cringe for birds like this man

  23. Bro who is she, plug that shit. I’m tryna see leaked nudes here

  24. wsnippets says:

    😂love that scotland accent

  25. Majority of Western women go in the sex only category I’ll never date these 304s future cat lady’s😂

  26. Batu Ozhan says:

    Neon got that mike wazowski build

  27. Jonny Smith says:

    Neon and Hs chemistry is crazy lol

  28. victor baker says:

    yo their english is crazy and hilarious xD

  29. Angela Welsh says:

    Hs is laughing off the pain

  30. Snypa Man says:

    This geezer just copies everything the Americans do

  31. mr.habibbi says:

    anyone over alexis

  32. Love you bruvs. The first video with you and neon I thought at first you were a f'n wanka twit but then I started watching more of your videos and you and neon make a good team y'all need to make more e dates like this one I enjoyed it

  33. Kittycat says:

    Hs’s been looking up inbreeds background screen 😂

  34. JJ says:

    What’s her name

  35. phatman says:

    Her accent pisses me off

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