HUGE BLOW For The TaylorMade Stealth 2 or PING G430 DRIVER!?



28 Replies to “HUGE BLOW For The TaylorMade Stealth 2 or PING G430 DRIVER!?”

  1. Joe Isaacs says:

    Personally I prefer the look of the stealth 2 looking down on the ball which will then provide me with a more comfortable swing thought, ping also looks great I think it just depends on your eye, happy golfing

  2. Neither, Paradym is superior then I'd look at the Srixon and the Mizuno

  3. john Hillier says:

    An interesting comparison James and your conclusions appear very balanced in respect of the performance of both clubs. To that end I’d be interested to know if the cost of each club, which could actually be the deciding factor as to which one is worth buying.

  4. Rich B says:

    Just bought the TM, been a ping iron player for years but the drivers just don’t do it for me

    Ping need to concentrate on aesthetics on their next driver

  5. J B says:

    If you want a more forgiving driver…then typically speaking its going to be more 'spinny.' Ping makes phenomenal stuff in that G430 line. So easy to hit and accurate. I'll gladly give up 5-10 yards for that. The stealth 2 is a launch monitor queen.

  6. Matt Spencer says:

    I have a G425 and the best club in my bag ⛳️ 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  7. Ping all day! No chance of the face falling off!

  8. Peter Eddy says:

    Ping all day as a high handicapper I need all the help I can get

  9. Matt Repass says:

    What about Peter finch breaking the face on 2 stealths?

  10. I know how good ping and titleist are but I always struggle to be interested when no one will tell you the price.
    Bought the new stealth last year and tested cobra, Callaway, Wilson, and settled on taylormade.

  11. Maxwell Golf says:

    I’m genuinely interested as to why the Cobra Aerojet is never in these videos? Was there something that had you right it off right away? I play a cobra king speed zone 2020 Still to this day and I love it.

  12. J.D. Martin says:

    It seems to me that Ping is as long or longer, more forgiving and with the improved sound…just as pleasing to hit. Literally, the only reason I could see for choosing TM is the fear players have of NOT choosing TM because of what others may think or believe. IMHO, Ping G430 is a better driver and better fit for MOST non tour professional players. Simple as that. I am not personally brand centric. I have a mixed bag based solely on what I hit best. (Lots of blind testing) point is, I keep watching you hit the Ping more consistently than anything else and then start searching for reasons to keep something else in your bag. James, the problem may be ego or brand paralysis, because at least to me, the answer appears to be clear.

  13. I would like James to get over his admitted bias against Mizuno drivers and include them in these tests. If they lose, the lose but I think they will be right there

  14. The Punisher says:

    Between those two, as much as I like TaylorMade clubs, I still am not sold on that carbon wood technology yet. I would choose the Ping

  15. I really enjoyed the video. I have tried both of these drivers. Hands down the Ping is a far more consistent and better driver than the Stealth,

  16. golfaddict says:

    great video… I went with the STEALTH 2 HD 9 degree and friggin LOVE everything about it….will have it for a long time…cheers from Canada

  17. David Cooper says:

    Great reviews james but WHICH driver would YOU choose ?? I know from all the videos you love the triple diamond but from what ive seen(vlogs) you hit the PING more consistantly

  18. Mike Warner says:

    All are over priced by a metric ton!

  19. Isn’t want to check shot tracer

  20. Miten Davda says:

    Nice review. Still think most players want consistency from their drivers over distance and to that end, more people ought to consider the Taylormade Mini Driver. Its a real game-changer.

    Also, James, your titles dont do your videos justice man. What HUGE BLOW? Lol.

  21. ZacD says:

    I have had both the stealth 2 plus and g430 max in 9 degree loft and I definitely hit the Stealth 2 plus 30 more yards, don’t know why or how but it just goes for me. Ended up selling he G430.

  22. Golf Bn says:

    Have had the Stealth, ditched it for the Ping, the Ping has worked out much better for me.

  23. I would rather have a drive in the fairway than a longer drive in the rough that’s why I went for the Ping.

  24. Steve Wenzel says:

    I tried both. Couldn’t get along with the Ping. Stealth 2 plus was the winner for me. Love the sound better on the Stealth

  25. sean mason says:

    I'd go with the Ping just for the forgiveness, I'd prefer to hit more fairways.

  26. I would find it so hard to choose between the two because they both look amazing, I would like to see you bring the Titleist into the mix

  27. Mike B says:

    I'm old and slow, so my Cobra RadSpeed XB suits my needs. But I've seen some tests with high-speed swingers where the Cobra Aerojet LS has done very well against the TaylorMade Stealth 2 and Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond.

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