I Beat the Hardest Champion Medal in the Summer Campaign

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24 Replies to “I Beat the Hardest Champion Medal in the Summer Campaign”

  1. Yeby says:

    Bass thank you for this 7:33

  2. Januzekk says:

    damn thats impressive i still have to do 6 cp lmao

  3. VastBigBubba says:

    Why is gold so easy on that map?

  4. TheGrundigg says:

    This editing was so much worse than usual for some reason, I could not follow it at all…

  5. Voidzer says:

    16:48 That was some legendary timing right there, visual and audio synergy at its finest.

  6. Ellusive says:

    Man thought shooting a +8 in golf was bad 😭😭😭 I play like 2-3 times a week and still haven’t gotten a single digit + and I’ve played since I was 4 (I’m 23)

  7. GarminBro says:

    wirtual talking abt gd jumpscared me

  8. Chuck Lennon says:

    What is the song at 02:28 please someone ?

  9. slvr says:

    25:22 as a geometry dash fan, hes got a point but you eventually get used to it

    also when he said guitar hero my heart almost stopped (only real fans know)

  10. Mistly says:

    23:59 Great Value Blueberries

  11. S Lag says:

    what is the main pluggin?

  12. Karel P. says:

    14:57, Wirtual listening to Turbo's Live and Learn Eurobeat remix!

  13. 50%cola and 50% Fanta is called MezzoMix in Germany and we have bottles of it actually everywhere in supermarkets and in restaurants😅😅😅

  14. xeres says:

    buckley banned me from twitch chat and i havent been unbanned 😭😭

  15. Mark Johnson says:

    8:27 I'm American, but I know that's a very impressive size. Congrats Wirt!

  16. i love playing demons in geometry dash and ive played guitar hero before and i can say that comparing something like guitar hero or practically any skill based achievement in almost any game ever to the difficulty of geometry dash is nuts, geometry dash is crazy hard compared to guitar hero and its not close.

  17. Razredge says:

    8:25 "I got 20cm and it keeps growing", ah yes, if I had a dollar for every time I said this… (metric ftw)

  18. Tedzee says:

    I just d'ont get it. Why are the medails red ? ^_^'

  19. so hear me out, im high, watching wirtual clutch up champion medals, randomly jumps into COTD, instantly 1st, then nearly gets the skip, the absurdity of it all made me feel like when im playing basketball and for 5-6 shots im fucking michael jordan or sum' shit when everything is simply going in (3s, when im feeling hot i just do circus shots, ala luka dončić) xd

  20. B K says:


  21. BeeBoi102 says:

    The fact that Wirtual inspired me to dedicate myself to TrackMania is still pretty insane. Never thought I’d make it to Top 1K global in Track 13, but I’m grateful I got this far.

  22. 17:30 I miss the bonk sound effect 🙁

  23. BARUtubbig says:

    The zooming in on the cam is so annoying, I want to see the video 🙁

  24. bauboy says:

    When is he playing chess in LA?

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