I bought this driver to WARN you! (shocking results)

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31 Replies to “I bought this driver to WARN you! (shocking results)”

  1. Hope you enjoyed! Like if you're here before 100,000 views!!!!

  2. BlazeMatte says:

    Cobra King F9Scam 😂

  3. jakobblond says:

    I was so happy buying this driver(F9S) until I saw this. Don't understand why they would make something less good. Oh well I guess is a lot better than my TM Burner from 2007..

  4. Once the F9S get broken in it will start giving higher numbers, is your original one out of the wrapper too?

  5. Matty King says:

    i kind of feel like you had to test it with its own shaft. probably wouldnt have made it any better but i still feel like it needed to be tested

  6. L. Gyger says:

    That's straight up scam.

  7. Max Sutton says:

    This is very common practice by most brands to sell rest of unmade stock products from most manufacturers, its not fake, its just offering a cheaper alternative of a once main line product

  8. cobra ltd video brought me here 🙂 the f9 should be in budget being 3 years old

  9. Youre review helped me decide on the F9 a couple of years ago, and it's been one of the best drivers I've ever played. The milling on the face is so awesome.

  10. Can someone tell me if this f9s is good and forgiving please? Higher handicapper and want something good without costing 100s!

  11. john b says:

    What did the F9S do with the stock shaft?

  12. Up is Down says:

    Doesn't delofting a 10.5 deg head to 9 deg also close the club face? So comparing it to a standard 9 deg isn't really apples to apples, is it? Genuinely curious.

  13. RetroSouth says:

    This full set is only £850 reduced from £1499 on club house golf … it feels like the sports direr of golf world and I get that it was never actually worth then full price tag and only the £850 it’s not being sold at .. but for an full brand new set up for a casual player looking to get back into golf would this be a good club set to go with or just look elsewhere ? The choice is unreal from budget packages to pre owned equipments im lost to be honest lol .. help or advice much appreciated

  14. So….noticed that the Speedzone drivers just dropped to 199 bucks at Golf Galaxy but I simply cannot pull the trigger because of this video! Who knows if they're doing the same with that product? Maybe they'll learn it hurts their bottom line in the long run.

  15. Guy Hall says:


    Great drop RS, thank you!!!


  16. Guy Hall says:

    Great video Rick, as usual.

    I just found a set of used RBZ driver, 3 wood. Buying later today for just $30.00 – in great shape too.

    GOD Bless!


  17. Jerry Myers says:

    Scared the crap out of me….I just ordered one today….looking back at the photos and yes it has the cnc milled face. Cool.

  18. Geoff Dudley says:

    I'm sure that the speedzone I have just bought online has had the same treatment!…No infinity logo on the face..wish I had seen this video before I purchased keep up the great work.

  19. matt morford says:

    I found a new F9 with CNC face with a Helium senior shaft and Arcos on line. Just hit some golf balls today and love it. I'm going to try the shaft that came on my LTDx and see how it feels. The F9 staying in the bag. I'm about to order another one to save when the other is done. Thanks for the video on the club.

  20. jubuttib says:

    They have now put out a SpeedZone and SpeedZone Extreme S model as well, though apparently those DO HAVE the CNC milled face, but Cobra has changed the process a bit to make it cheaper to produce, leading to a cheaper club. No idea how they behave.

    FWIW I also last year bought an F9 S fairway wood from Dormy, and was REALLY surprised when the club didn't have a CNC milled face. I had thought the "F9 S" meant "F9 Speedback" basically, and that it was the normal model. I contacted them about it and they explained the differences. I disputed though because on their website they used the old F9 promo images of the club, which had the CNC milled face, and there was nothing on the page to clearly show that it was a significantly different club.

    I ended up getting a significant discount (i.e. partial refund) and they promised to update the website, but it was a bit of an annoying experience. They also allowed me to actually try out the club before deciding to keep it. And thankfully it is still a very good, functional 5W, and at least at my performance levels it sits right where it needs to be between my legit Cobra SpeedZone 3W and my legit Cobra Utility 3I, so all in all I got a very cheap, brand new club, that works perfectly well for the role I use it for.

    EDIT: Also FWIW I do think that the difference is going to be MUCH bigger in a driver than on a fairway wood.

  21. itsJesseB says:

    Ahhh so the S in F9 S is F9 Shit lol

  22. Ron B. says:

    Right on…I have a F9 I bought used but it had a 12 degree loft. I found another @ 9 degrees so I purchased it ). I just looked and saw the 9.5degree is the “S” model without the CNC milling….bummer

  23. Robert Clare says:

    Jesus H Christ Rick, Ive still got the Original Yellow Cobra ZL Encore, 10.5° Milled Face with a Reg 55 Fujikura shaft, That will do better than the rip off club. Well done for the heads up.

  24. S stands for shit. 😂

  25. Damien Lewis says:

    Rick what driver do you hit nowadays?

  26. quick question what do think of the g425 ping

  27. roguemodel says:

    I would have liked to see what it did with the UST shaft.

  28. Best Buy is the MASTER of getting special SKUs for the same product just so they won't have to actually "Price Match" lower prices because "iTs NoT tHe SaMe"

  29. Peter Chase says:

    let the buyer beware, with that being said, if the "S" model underperforms compared to the original it just makes the Cobra company look bad, not very good marketing.

  30. steve woo says:

    Rick what is the difference between the yellow bottom vs the white bottom on the F9?

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