I can’t BELIEVE he plays golf like this…

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30 Replies to “I can’t BELIEVE he plays golf like this…”

  1. Wayne Smith says:

    Sorry Ben, I have to cheer for my fellow lefty.

  2. Ben, what is theoretically the difference in handicap between korn ferry tour players and pga tour players? I saw in GG, you played +4 hcp. How damn good are the KF and PGA tour players HCP wise?

  3. Craig Gray says:

    Let’s go Ben! Good luck in the tournament.

  4. F W says:

    Ben is so chill!

  5. Ryan Johnson says:

    Jake is a beast at golf and an even better person! Sweet video 👊

  6. Enjoy the mini tour event videos . What’s the 2 iron you have in the bag?

  7. Ben, this was another great video sir. It was niceto getto see and meet Jake on here, the guy has a decent game. I look forward to the next video pal. Best wishes !!!! BHG LETS GO BABY!!!!!!!!!

  8. John Miller says:

    "He's playing chess, not checkers" is the best way to say you missed by a lot but found a good spot haha

  9. LL KOOL AID says:

    Glad to see all of the Oklahoma courses. Keep up the great content Ben!

  10. Luke Pool says:

    Nothing like Muskogee

  11. I loved watching you golf at my home course and to shoot 2 under ur first round was crazy and I was the guy in the video to ask what your tee time was and I love how you are also a part of good good thanks to coming to Muskogee Ok Ben

  12. Danny Bell says:

    Whats up from fort smith… not far from yall

  13. John Thomas says:

    great match love watching these types of matches.

  14. Came for the 2nd half of the Bubbie Walmart challenge, about to start my 3rd video on your channel (I've seen all your Good Good stuff, and the Bubbie/Ben stuff). Can't wait for the rematch with your dad, stroke play next time.

  15. Bill says:

    I speak two languages – English and Okie

  16. Man it’s crazing seeing your home course in a video.

  17. he's got the phil mickelson shallow to steep thing going on.

  18. PURP __x says:

    ayyyy lefties for the win

  19. callmecamo2 says:

    Muskogee….not much going for that place. Runt's BBQ isn't too bad though.

  20. "Dormir", pronounced Doormee", means sleep in French.

  21. KLohmann says:

    Doggett is niiiiice

  22. Tobias Ball says:

    More good stuff. Maybe it's time for a what's in the bag (for us gear junkies).

  23. I live in Broken Arrow, Ok and I had no Idea this place was here… crazy

  24. pausing at 11:00……..no real reason

  25. JT golf says:

    Hey there is a all pro tour tournament in my area maybe you can come next year it is called the united way classic

  26. Mr Gainz says:

    Great video. I love Ben’s sarcasm. Clever little fast forward while looking for the iron too. 👍

  27. Dave says:

    Two great players. Ben, your sense of humor is absolutely 🔥! Keep up the great vids!

  28. Alex says:

    Ben's the best. Thanks for the great videos. Lefties make the best golfers though. South paw for life

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