I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match | Bryson DeChambeau

I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match…

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29 Replies to “I Challenged Phil Mickelson To A 9 Hole Match | Bryson DeChambeau”

  1. Who should I challenge next?

  2. Tony Beard says:

    That was super entertaining! Keep it coming. What a putting exhibition by Cam!

  3. This is some great golf

  4. Larry Hamm says:

    This is what we can expect from LIV golf Bryson said in the future, thats sick. PGA is going to half to watch and learn now, these matches on you tube are better than watching the damn events of TV.

  5. Corey says:

    Cameron “Partner” Tringale is elite

  6. Vinh Tran says:

    This content was so pure. I love rawness of competition and Phil is a character. 😂

  7. Nirav Parekh says:

    Will the Saudis bail Phil out again if he loses this bet?

  8. Tom Sauer says:

    Lee Trevino with his humor would have been perfect for this betting format.

  9. Phil is an expert in gamesmanship. “We’re not them”

  10. I never knew Phil got great sense of humor. I like it when people knows how to talk trash too!

  11. Great match, really enjoyed it, loved Phil's comments

  12. JP_Power says:

    Brooks, Speith, fowler, thomas

  13. Tim says:

    Love it when Mickelson says "straight cash"

  14. Reed Solomon says:

    Loved the video and analysis. A pair of small graphics showing club choice and distance to pin on approach shots would make this format perfect.

  15. Who should I challenge next?. Who should I challenge next?.

  16. 38:23 Michelson's Apollo Creed impersonation. Bryson didn't even pick up on it.

  17. rk702 says:

    Love Phil, hope to see more of him in events like this.

  18. rk702 says:

    Hey Bryson, have you ever flipped a table over at the range after a poor tour event round because the range attendant didn't have your specific brand of golf balls ready after your round?

  19. I so hope phil has lost more than he has won with his gambling. There is competitive then just greed and he’s the latter.

  20. Papa G says:

    Ain't gonna be no rematch. Phil……. https://youtu.be/ido6NrjGi2o

  21. J W says:

    I love golf so much and I’m terrible at it. I couldn’t imagine actually being good.

  22. Lol…..First thing Mickelson says is "What are we playing for?"

  23. Lmao at Phil just itching to gamble

  24. How much was on the line 💰💰💰

  25. Bro , this was cool in sight and entertaining. The personality with you all was fun to watch.Phil is a cool guy 😆 the banter was funny , just straight cash no PayPal 😂 you're my favourite bryson, go crushers brother

  26. XRP Switch says:

    Cocaine, sun, and gambling is PM

  27. Cam C swing not looking so hot

  28. Half way through… real pro legends do you tube golf… shows the difference.. fantastic video… thanks to all concerned in making this.

  29. Joe Fabeetz says:

    I really enjoyed this. It's like golfing with your buds, except with a lot of talent. The ribbing and more relaxed atmosphere, yet still competitive. Loved Phil's head games. Subscribed!

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