I didn’t even mean to do this…..

9 Replies to “I didn’t even mean to do this…..”

  1. Might play better if you didn’t try so hard to look like a tour player

  2. bLit says:

    Well I would definitely three put that

  3. GrizzBro says:

    I’m gonna go get a birdie today not stopping till I do

  4. Gabe Starr says:

    What’s your carry distance with driver? Swing looks pure asf

  5. You look anywhere between 11 – 34 years old; I love it.

  6. Chilly on the Willy means it’s inside him

  7. Man that birdie putt hurt to watch. That’s been like all my birdie putts lately.

  8. RJ Seneres says:

    "Bit chilly on the willy"😂

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