37 Replies to “I FEEL SO STUPID… I Was CONNED Buying FAKE GOLF CLUBS Online!”

  1. Dave Gregory says:

    I did buy a set of knock off MCC +4 grips, but in all honesty it was pretty bloody obvious they were fake from the price. Full transparency, that was over a tmyear ago and theyre still very happily fitted to my clubs.

  2. T S says:

    I' d take it still looks good for a fake. Hate to hear you gave a lot for it.

  3. You need to get in touch with the fine YouTubers Stacked Golf. They seem to find Scotty Cameron putters at flea markets and garage sales down there in Florida! They can probably hook you up!

  4. Joe Earley says:

    James, yes, I’ve purchased a fake Scotty as well. Not a circle T but a phantom X. I still have it and putt well with it. I liken it to buying a fake Rolex. You know it’s fake but it still tells time.

  5. Tony Davison says:

    You need to destroy that live in a video so it doesn't get in someone else's hands

  6. And this is why James Robinson is such a flog , apparently he’s not bothered now that he’s wasted the money, yet to proud to tell his subscribers how much the crook shafted him, James if you can put videos up with you squat curtsy golf swing then nothing is off limits! 🤔🤪

  7. micko2007 says:

    Good video, the reason people "get conned" so often is because golf equipment is too expensive and people are under pressure to get "bargains".

  8. Matt Jons says:

    Bought some fake golf pride grips from eBay a couple of months ago . Similar to yourself they were good value but not cheap enough to seem fake. Only a pound cheaper per grip but only place that had the colour I wanted . Soon as they turned up I could tell and got a full refund. Now in the landfill

  9. Finbar says:

    I bought a Rolex watch on the beach in Spain for £10. The guy gave me a lifetime guarantee, I thought blimey even Rolex don't offer that lol. By the evening the watch had stopped working and the guy was nowhere to be found. 😂😂

  10. Mr Neutral says:

    Surprised you have been duped but I guess we can all get caught if you’re not familiar with the product. Also think it would be helpful if you can somehow disclose the seller without risk to yourself.

  11. Chris Faz says:

    I am with the people that think a give away is a great idea. Feel sorry for you though man not nice being conned.

  12. Hunter says:

    It’s better just to chalk it up as lesson learned, go on with your life, and realize you have a really cool hammer to build your next fence.

  13. DanielJD says:

    Many years ago I also bought a fake Scotty off EBAY. It was several months before I realized it was fake. I didn't use it much when I bought it because I didn't putt that well with it. I realized it was fake when I saw the same model putter in a golf store and the finish on the authentic putter was so much nicer and the balance was noticeably better.

  14. Norm Lang says:

    WISH is FULL of Fakes and Trash.

  15. Drew Spinoso says:

    I like how your embarrassed about the club but are oblivious to wearing the penis hats with an obvious phalic symbol on it.
    Both of you are guilty of poor fashion and eBay purchasing.

  16. Anthony Deak says:

    Captain Phillips is the name to your film 👍

  17. Scott Dresen says:

    I like the idea of a giveaway, a lot of people would love it!!

  18. J Wilkinson says:

    Hi James I bought some fake sm8 wedges not knowing until it was pointed out to me. To be fair I couldn’t fault them to look at of play

  19. If you can roll it we'll what does it matter if it is fake if it works it works

  20. Bogy Time says:

    Looks real to me. What seller on EBay scammed you?

  21. I think you should do a cheeky giveaway with it.

  22. Years ago I bought a bulk lot of 2GB SD cards that turned out to be 0.5Gb cards from China. Nothing I could do about it apart from learn from the experience.

  23. Looking at the back of many Cameron Anser style putters ,there is a very distinct shallow milling line that goes straight down from the top edge and runs into the toe end of the cavity back …I’ve never seen it on a fake .

  24. Complete random for you James I play off 17 but can no longer hit my ping g series driver which ping driver would you recommend in the ping series thks big fan of you video keep them coming .

  25. Outlaw says:

    Do a give away. Im not too proud to play with it.

  26. I was sold 2 fake Cleveland woods off of ebay many years ago…As soon as they arrived it was pretty obvious it was fake. Checked the sellers previous sales and found out he was knowingly selling fake club. I promptly informed the fraud squad who after about 4 weeks sent me an email to say the culprit had been arrested, result 👍. I also got my money back from paypal and still have the offending clubs.

  27. Shane Howes says:

    I'll take a fake Scotty Cameron 😂

  28. Kevin Pogue says:

    Now this is post where you should be saying “ huge problem” or “ truth about…”

  29. Paul Brown says:

    You live and learn 😅

  30. To be fair, even a genuine Scotty (at least this model, plus many more) is just a Ping Anser knockoff. There's really no reason for it not to roll well, it's got to be the most copied putter in existence. If you like it and have played it well, i'd certainly keep it in the bag.

  31. jim richards says:

    Hell james, you're nearly as big as John Daly!

  32. Guy R says:

    How about cutting the shaft down and turning it into a trophy?

  33. CHR15Y BoY says:

    Pay by PayPal and you’re covered👍🏻

  34. The comedy version of these two would be them having a fight on screen!

  35. Roy Close says:

    I only buy from golf shops 😊very annoying though I got scammed with fake grips

  36. I feel sorry for you James and it just shows how easy it is to get conned

  37. Jason Davis says:


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