I fought King Kong in Teardown! These are some of the craziest mods I could find in the game, and it was a ton of fun. What other things should I try in Teardown? Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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47 Replies to “I FOUGHT KING KONG?! (Teardown)”

  1. Allan Moore says:

    Welcome to the new jurassic Park 😂

  2. Do you know the following angel find the following Angel if you do you can do something else 😜


  4. Mooked11 says:

    Your so funny You’re my favorite YouTuber on all of YouTube

  5. TheGamer says:

    It’s because he had shield

  6. That alien is indestructible

  7. bruno 8 says:

    Sam Tabor Gaming is one of the best youtubers

  8. You should play geometry dash again.

  9. Kurge3rB1ng says:

    Video 71 of asking:

    For you next Vr vid can you PLEASE🙏 play a game called Vader immortal.

  10. Jarred Agnew says:

    Can you do a descenders video

  11. Love. Your videos man!

  12. The asteroid strike on king king was epic🎉

  13. Jace Herndon says:

    Can you plzzzzz play skate 3 again

  14. YouTube was so boring till I started watching you Sam. Keep up the amazing work.

  15. Day 36 of saying Sams intros are the best until he notices me

  16. What do you mean the frame rate is like jedi survivor

  17. Quinn Hay says:

    Day 2 of asking sam to play olli olli world

  18. ive been watching you when i was 4 im 10 now almost 11

  19. Joseph says:

    You should spam the piano wand because it just spams pianos from the sky

  20. jr joker says:

    dude your better get new computer 😂 for better gaming

  21. Ted Mak says:

    Can you play rocket League sideswipe again it has huge updates and items

  22. Gabby says:

    I haven’t watched you in a while and you still never disappoint

  23. Day 16 of asking you to play rainworld

  24. Celine Levy says:

    can you play fifa23

  25. quandale den says:

    Sam we love your videos keep it up. I have a video idea in VR, could you play gorilla tag? love your vids

  26. Day 78 of asking you to play beat saber in VR again.

  27. Hihihihihi hihihhihihihihihihi

  28. Tejas says:

    Pls more goat simulator and the untitled goose game

  29. Riley8Ghost says:

    Sam tabor:king kong vs godzilla: godzilla and kong you wanna beat this small guy yeah i agree

  30. Sammy B says:

    I was just watching this video as normal then I hear "this framrate is like jedi survivor right now" AND I WAS LIKE HOLD ON NOW AIN'T NO WAY HE JUST SAID THAT

  31. shameer babu says:

    Sam tabor a muto is like a four legged creature is there fight monster mode that lets monster fight eachother

  32. Do another riders republic video

  33. God danm that was crazy

  34. Sam is the goat🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  35. You must fight. Godzilla, King Ghidorah, King Kong and Mechagodzilla

  36. RDXTツ says:

    Yoooo Sam! I watch you since 2019 , love from me

  37. Eva 01 says:

    Have something else you should do in tear down you should do king a Dora versus Godzilla and kong

  38. duolingo says:

    Whoever likes this comment I will eat kids

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