I got 20-0 only using a 500k pack on FUT CHAMPS!!

I played weekend league ONLY using players in 500k pack

Like the video & comment for more squad builders!!

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My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team.
Top 100 with a Bronze Team + R9.
Top 100 with a Silver Team.
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc


40 Replies to “I got 20-0 only using a 500k pack on FUT CHAMPS!!”

  1. Prod.vitt1n says:

    11:06 no way u just said "vamo caraio" LMAO, a brazilian salve bro!

  2. emilio says:

    Bruh i am sure your videos would do better if you actually did the challenges you claim to do in the titles. Choosing the best versions of each player you got in the pack defeats the whole purpose of the challenge.

  3. I may be late to this . But I firmly believe you mess about to make a video otherwise its just you hammering teams

    I am aware this may be the most obvious comment of all time

  4. Everyone knows your a nonce mate its all over fb

  5. Pongo Hodzi says:

    What formation and tactics was he using

  6. Loso Wall says:

    Formation and tactics?

  7. Azakvk says:

    20-0 with futties team 2

  8. FIFA 23 has to be the most flawed title to date.

  9. mrsus 500 says:

    What camera settings is he using ?

  10. PCGaming says:

    pretty pointless if you can use their best versions

  11. "ket, i already got that"

  12. TeMp Aqua says:

    watching these videos you dont see any defending and its probably the best bit of his game know its sort of wasted time but please do a defending tutorial even its its long form

  13. Peter Hyland says:

    Have to do a 20-0 with a league like premier league or a different league but you can only use 1 player from each team no more then that, or just use a league team with every team you have to use there highest rated player or lowest rated player and build a team.

  14. way2ez says:

    huh u got gold cards not promo cards from the 500k pack, redo the vid

  15. Corfe Castle says:

    This lad is the goat.

  16. Unfortunately you can't do the 97 Kroos anymore, it is already expired since last week.
    Can you please do a little tutorial video on the skill move you are using to beat the keeper?

  17. Lions says:

    20-0 with no skill moves —>

  18. Sean Furniss says:

    Waiting on your appearance in the rats🐁

  19. Zach_org says:

    Damn this video is hella outdated wth

  20. Ina Freitas says:

    Fut champs with the greatest Premier league team of all time

  21. Jack Henson says:

    Go 20-0 on co-op using 2 controllers

  22. 20-0 with ipswich past and present

  23. MR T says:

    Cannot stand the goal keepers now being worldie out field players such bullshit, EA running out of ideas desperate to keep their dead game going until the next copy and paste.

  24. cruzee1021 says:

    Go 20-0 while getting blown by a girl.

  25. degui12 says:

    I thought it was gonna be an actual challenge and only use the players you actually pack…
    We know you can win with crazy teams soooooo

  26. tavs not playing Kappa

    thats a bit harsh not like celtics better at the back r


  27. Michael Dunn says:

    Wish you streamed more

  28. Mr Blue says:

    20-0 with a team of Harry’s

  29. Alon F says:

    Worst team of fifa u can get 20-0?

  30. Bigpapi says:

    go 20-0 without passing

  31. Shezu says:

    Harry bro we all know you're the goat but at least just put a '?' in the YouTube title to give us a little bit of suspense that you might not 20-0 😂

  32. Callum Boyle says:

    20-0 Sheffield Wednesday Past and Present

  33. Martin says:

    Should have done this on futies (still a banger tho)

  34. Samuel Gill says:

    Why does he always do these when he has like 1hr to play😂

  35. 20 and 0 with no skill moves

  36. Just do a 20-0 with your favourite 11 Harry, your icons, your favourite players of all time, be nice to see the goats all time XI

  37. Beans 101 says:

    Go 20-0 using players 87 rated MAX

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