I Investigated The WORST RATED Golf Course In Dallas Texas

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21 Replies to “I Investigated The WORST RATED Golf Course In Dallas Texas”

  1. Paul Cosca says:

    Doesn't seem too bad, but I'm not messing with any place that charges someone just to ride in the cart. It needs to be a lot fancier than that to justify that fee.

  2. Francisco says:

    Paying a riders fee is one of the dumber things in golf. Played in Hawaii recently they charged $50 for my wife to ride along.
    Also bro if you want the worst course in Texas play Pine Forest in Bastrop. Course is legit a dog track, sucks cause it’s actually a cool layout.

  3. GC DEEN says:

    Doesn't even compare to the Links at Summerly in Lake Elsinore, CA. The absolute worst course I've ever played.

  4. Gabe Vasquez says:

    My FIL lives on the course and helps out with marshalling/anything else they need – you should totally come back and review after the club house is rebuilt. New owners are really trying to get it back up to par (haha). But honestly I feel like one of the best prices out there to play in the North Dallas suburban area – even if its not as resplendent as some newer/more expensive locations.

  5. Easy on Duck Greek GC, it's not that bad haha

  6. Ike Yeet says:

    every damn course ive ever have been too charges a ride along free. they burn more gas/ use more electric moving your extra weight.

  7. Gotta play Glen Abbey golf course in Debary, Florida next time you're in town. Definitely the most shocking course I've ever played

  8. For a local public course. It’s in really good shape.

  9. Tripo waller says:

    Waxahachie golf club

  10. Brian Fabian says:

    dude go play west fork in conroe

  11. The worst part about the club house was they JUST remodeled the restaurant/bar it was so clean and pretty. Being on the creek they had a ton of flooding when we had some storms awhile back, that’s what caused a lot of damage and trash. Next time out play Rusted Rail lol

  12. Can you do this with Mesquite municipal course one of the better courses in the DFW in my opinion very well kept facility everyone I’ve played with there is always surprised how nice it is

  13. My man should go to the Claw at USF in tampa. Too bad it’s shutting down in September 😢

  14. Get out there and support them. This shits on most of my local courses in Australia

  15. Erndog Golf says:

    Man talk about a bad break! Already struggling and their clubhouse gets struck by lightning. As always, awesome video brother!!

  16. JT P. says:

    Charging someone who isn't playing to ride along in the cart you already added to your round is garbage customer service.

  17. ryan wheelis says:

    if you wanna play a terrible course you got to go to stone river in royce city. 50 bucks to play in a cattle field. had a cow run out on the green while trying to hit a approach shot.

  18. noah reed says:

    Played this course multiple times and this was much better than I remember it being. Greens have really turned around by the look of it

  19. I think this is duck creek. In Richardson tx

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