I LOVE This iGO All Terrain, Fat Folding Electric Bike!

I had a blast driving this electric bike all around and you will too! Folds for storage, has a long range and plenty of power! You don’t have to stay on the streets, go where any bike goes!

I’m Bobby Gene, retired young to be caregiver for my wife, but after losing her to brain cancer I set out on motorcycle for three years to seek healing. To close the book on that final chapter, I’ve sold our home and moved into an RV, ‘The Independence’, with my car ‘The Lieutenant’ in tow, Together we travel as far as possible, hoping to inspire others who have suffered a loss, while discovering new destinations, new challenges, and amazing people.

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Primary camera: Canon G7X
Crane-M gimbal stabilizer for the G7X
Gopro 5 black
Gopro 3+ black (gave it to Pippi)
iphone video sometimes
Feiyu Tech Gimbal (for the GoPros) (gave it to Pippi)
Karma Grip (for the GoPro Black but it kinda sucks)
Video Editor: Premier Pro CS6
computer: Asus ROG laptop
primary audio recording done with a Canon IC recorder and sync’ed in post editing, also used for voice over.
Voice Over 2: Focusrite Scarlett (gave it to Pippi)
Gold diaphragm condenser mic
DJI Mavick Pro Drone (gave it to Pippi)
DJI Mavick Platinum Pro Drone


49 Replies to “I LOVE This iGO All Terrain, Fat Folding Electric Bike!”

  1. Tom Spurlock says:

    Gene, nice vid, great editing tricks. FYI, noisy tires can be good so pedestrians hear you coming, prompting them to move over. I'm a huge EMTB fan, but that folding capability is nice for those without a rack. Folding is also a cosmetic theft deterrent when locking up the bike somewhere for a hike, shopping, overnight, etc. Nice ebike, reasonable price. Radpowerbikes.com makes a nice one too, called Rad Mini, very similar, 50% more power, $1500.

  2. pinoyteam6 says:

    Just watching your video. Enjoying it. What's your height and weight? Curious because I'm looking at getting a 2 yr old iGo locally and I'm 5'7" & 250lbs. I'm diabetic and have slowly been losing weight but need to drop more and I figured this may help. Tyvm for your time.

  3. Diver M says:

    Have you rode a 500 watt one ?

  4. I want one link for uk please?

  5. Marilyn B. says:

    Thank you for your review. I am researching this style of ebike. They are getting popular and in demand.

  6. Michael K says:

    When you drive a Chev you have to carry a folding bike because it breaks down so much!!

  7. Scott Bond says:

    A very good looking bike. Love the tires

  8. pinoykayaker says:

    Love mine. Step through helps a lot. Big tires make it more stable. All terrain.

  9. Electric bikes sure do look like fun 😁 Great video 👍

  10. Steve h says:

    Possibly it was a early bird price, or canadian pricing, but that was what came up when I checked after this video went up. Safe travels CHEERS

  11. Bren says:

    Cool bike, very informative video, and nice editing! Wow I got a little nervous when you were riding on that busy highway though lol.

  12. Why the heck is the throttle on the left? That is very counterintuitive for some who has risen motorcycles. It should be on the right.

  13. Klaus Brinck says:

    Buy a parallelogramm-saddle-stem for more comfort! It is just a bit maintenance-intensive, needs new copper-bushings every year, but is really comfortable!!!

  14. Joe Daniels says:

    Electric bikes are great.

  15. Great review and really nice video edit. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Daniel Puig says:

    Yes, you left out the top speed and the motor wattage. I guess that I'll go to the web site for that.

  17. Keith80027 says:

    I saw a number of these bikes last week while camping along with electric skateboards and similar items. Looks like a great way to get around. What is pedaling like on this unit compare to a normal mountain bike? Can you feel the drag of the motor when the power is off, weight, or large tires? Great video work, can tell that you have been working on this and it shows.

  18. Karen R says:

    Like the bike. Great visual effects on video.

  19. cyberjoe77 says:

    The Lectric XP is 900.00 right now, very similar.

  20. Kevin Hildum says:

    Too many times I hear people calling an engine a motor and in this video you're calling the motor on the bicycle and engine oh I'm so disappointed. I'm not disappointed in you I really like the video but you have a motor on that electric bicycle and if it was a motorcycle burning gasoline it is an engine holy crap I'm tired of telling people this over and over again okay have said enough sorry I really enjoyed the video that I hope you're having a great day

  21. $2K 2X my retirement van price nice idea , but

  22. Steve Elkins says:

    all those whoosh panning shots gave me a friggin head ache. Probably a good technique you just need to learn moderation. I sort of forgot to look at the bike because of those editing 'skills'.

  23. See Nomore says:

    Where IS the Auxiliary Battery Connection For Extended Range located on this bike?

  24. Scott Gitlin says:

    50+ lbs. and folding. Folding implies portable . . . meaning after folding it will be lifted and put somewhere. That's a lot of weight to be playing with – the wrong twist or turn can do a number on someone not . . . gym oriented 😉. I have several folding bikes – pedal and gears – 16" wheels – less than 30 lbs. I think they would fit in a RV basement compartment. Plus . . . exercise. Kind regards.

  25. Cool bike and cooler video. Love your short tutorials, Gene! I will have to find a smaller bike than 60+ since I am 74+, lol!

  26. Excellent review. Ride Scoozy in St. Petersburg, FL makes a very comparable folding bike and also a VeeGo 750 non-folding. Since I see you haven't decided on your eBike, perhaps you could test ride their folding bike and do a comparison review.

  27. Karen Taylor says:

    You should have caught a catfish for your dinner lol

  28. Paul S says:

    Can you raise your seat more? These folding bikes are convenient but the short seat post can destroy your knees if you are moderately tall (and my knees ached watching you pedal).

  29. Becky Smith says:

    Wondering if there is a weight restriction

  30. Thanks Gene. Very informative. Looks like a lot of fun. Love your take on this. Your videos are so great and positive. Love your outlook on life and glad we are subscribed. Hello from northern Minnesota.

  31. Clint Lewis says:

    It's fun for an hour then it all goes downhill. and gets very boring.. Twisted video to sell his bikes.

  32. Donald Watts says:

    Two questions: Do you need a state vehicle registration? Can you ride it on sidewalks?

  33. Personally, I think the price is too high for what you are getting besides isn't the point of riding a pedal bike for exercise.

  34. MASTER says:


  35. ok…. their web site list no accessories 🙁

  36. Good Grief !!! Just when I begin to watch your videos without have to spend any more for new toys, you bring this up. Man your videos are getting expensive, but hey….. looks like it's something I'm going to have to have. 🙂

  37. Ed Blackburn says:

    As usual, fantastic production values. Just great. Thank you.

  38. Another great video Bobby. 👍🏼
    Did it seem awkward to have the throttle on the left-hand side?

  39. er1073 says:

    BG I enjoyed your camera work especially the looking straight up ones. How did you do it? I like the bike. Ed

  40. Duane Wilson says:

    Can they fit on an ordinary bike rack? Say on the back of a class b or b+?

  41. 1sheinz says:

    Hi there Bobby, Great editing! Price on the bike is $1600. US or $1800. Canadian, just thought id add that for your viewers. CHEERS Steve h.

  42. Bobby, I like you had recent knee surgery and I am wondering how biking is going for you? I am looking at an e-bike as well. Unfortunately, the powers that be locally (and I used to be Mayor of one of the towns) are considering banning e-bikes from local trails and relegating them to the highways and streets. One other question, what 360 camera are you using? Love the ability to take different angles in post.

  43. How To RV says:

    Even thought I prefer peddle power. I would mind at all giving that a try. Great review.

  44. Sweet bike!!!! Sweet photography and video editing!!!

  45. B!g D says:

    Those ebikes look like alot of fun. I might have to break down and try one one of these days. Thank's for demonstrating this one for us. 😀

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