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This time, Jordan Brand got it right with this version of the most popular shoe in the sneaker world.

Thank you to Jordan Brand and the Nike Golf team for sending over the Air Jordan 11 Low “Cool Grey” Golf Shoe.

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  1. KiddAlways says:

    so why not just say just a high cooI grey 11 instead of a hightop version of a cooI grey 11 Iow? Imao the high/mid came out before the Iows. a hightop version of a cool grey 11 Iow Imao Jesus Christ trying stop trying to make it more then it actually is

  2. Youngsup Lee says:

    is the sizing the same as the regular 11?

  3. Great vid! Do you happen to know if the spikes are replaceable after they wear out?

  4. Ryan Keating says:


  5. Qbanopro22 says:

    What’s the weight on those, are they light, gotta be light for the walk

  6. Stefan A says:

    I have the all white. I missed out on the grey and black. But man these run super snug. I need to put a thinner insole in mine in order to play in them,unless they loosen and break in. But I dont see myself wearing them every day. Only on nice dry days!

  7. Steve Sneaks says:

    I finally got my hands on the white/gold version and I LOVE IT. Very excited to our to use in the spring 🏌️‍♂️

  8. L Pack says:

    When they announced the Jordan XIs would
    Be the next golf shoe, I was pumped!! Got 5 pairs ready for the next several golf seasons! Great vid!

  9. ThFc says:

    My dad is a Nike athlete and he has those for his golf

  10. SirDumpy says:

    Got a question.So I just got some Jordan 11 concords from a buddy who got them from stockx.They look legit but on the left shoe the stitching on the heel Jumpman is a little shitty compared to the other one.Compared to my plat tints they kind of have the same Jumpman but the tints are a bit better.Is this a quality issue or a fake.Got the tints from footlocker.

  11. GT Godbear says:

    I want a pair of black and red low top Jordans

  12. Devour Dros says:

    Hi I'm your first subscriber

  13. Kevin Wayne says:


  14. Kevin Wayne says:

    Can you connect me with this brand I have 4 pairs of Jordan sneakers

  15. Cool grey already comes with leather uppers.

  16. Jumpman says:

    You had to call it JORDAN BRAND instead of just jordan

  17. romahnae says:

    "Air"? Jordan's… 😂 I think you mean Grass Jordan 11 low

  18. Laquan says:

    What happened to all his subscribers

  19. Hey bro can u give me sneakers for school

  20. I don’t think I’d ever want to wear them and get them dirty though while playing. Plus, I can’t wear shoe shields with them

  21. That toe box thooo. Looks like OG

  22. C L says:

    Cool Greys don’t normally come with cordura mesh uppers though 🤔🤔🤔

  23. tony benard says:

    I like the jacket… where can i plz find it online #muchLoveFromBelgium @Jacques slade

  24. çınaralp says:

    them camera angles change faster than my emotions………

  25. Sean says:

    Jacques just yeeted the note at the beginning

  26. I wanna play 🏌️‍♀️ Now

  27. Ethan P-H says:

    How does he only have 2k subs???

  28. Joey Voyles says:

    Why wouldn't you just buy those shoes and do a sole swap seriously

  29. Are you doing some review videos about sneakers?

  30. Justin Lamar says:

    I guarantee somebody gonna rock these casually 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  31. Freddo Fa says:

    I bet he has 10m subs

  32. This is a badass shoe honest. My favorite are the air max 1 golf from the masters a few years back. So sexxy

  33. Nooks says:

    Lmfao ima wear these to school🤣 ima make a vid

  34. These are gross jock…. Even if it wasn't a golf shoe, nobody wants these… This looks like the shit michael jordan wears in public

  35. It's Kyuu says:


  36. FLiP D' GRiD says:

    pretty dope for a golf shoe 💪🔥

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