I Need To Get Rid Of These!!! [2 Mystery Boxes in 1 VIDEO]

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35 Replies to “I Need To Get Rid Of These!!! [2 Mystery Boxes in 1 VIDEO]”

  1. TwannGoDisc says:

    Being a brand new disc golf content creator but understanding content creation from before endeavors as well as being a University of a Michigan Business graduate, you’re exactly correct! The business side matters & don’t let any comment tell you different!

  2. Woo! Got an envy, totally forgot about the discount code haha!

  3. Jacob Porter says:

    New Idio syncs???

  4. What would be your favorite driver?

  5. Rollins says:

    The PA1 is my favorite throwing putter!

  6. Rollins says:

    Love the bits of music during your throws! Keep up the great work!

  7. iBenJammin says:

    Having peaked through your old channels I'd love to see some of the behind the scenes! always down to listen to a ramble too lol

  8. Small detail, but I loved the switch to putting the round score total on the basket after each putt. Nice since we are already looking there and can easily see the total score after each hole. Keep up the great work! I love getting to see your content evolve

  9. What a softie “missing” that last putt like that😉 😂

  10. I LOVE this video, the business side facinates me. When you come to San Diego eventually, I'd love to caddy/assist however I can, and pick your brain.

  11. Reece Morgan says:

    Hot ones interviews for disc golf… climo, mcbeth, piece, bodanza.

  12. Cody Schut says:

    I love hearing the business side❤️

  13. Nick Shaw says:

    The word “influencer” makes me cringe

  14. vvv-vv-v says:

    What a legend, day 2 of 365 days of videos, lets gooooo!!!!

  15. Love the tips on a YouTube channels as I am looking to start my own!

  16. I would like to see the behind the scenes kind of stuff since I recently started making disc golf content. You inspired me to do that💪🏽

  17. Boxes already sold out

  18. Just came in at 3 hours after upload to find out all boxes have been sold out! I’ve been waiting for the boxes to drop because I was kind of wanting to buy a few to hang on my wall

  19. DiscJunkies says:

    keep the business stuff in, great insight for us

  20. I love the talking about sponsorships and being open with your values part. I feel like a video about this would escalate the confidence within your core group subscribers. Loving these daily uploads and we seriously need to golf together next time your near Tampa FL 😅😂🤙🏼

  21. Just subbed, thanks for signing up for my tourney!! Look forward to meeting ya!

  22. cool, I just ordered a misprint glitch the other day 🙂 Supposed to arrive tomorrow!

  23. discraft, give this man a megadeal

  24. Duck says:

    Thanks for being so open with us, I appreciate it. Can't wait to take advantage of your shop in the future and hope to run into you on a course in CO 🙂

  25. Grabbed a mystery box. Pick me a good one!

  26. Damn watched the video first before going to the store and premium mystery boxes were sold out. 😢 bought the 2 premium and 1 base instead. Keep up the great content

  27. Rob Gibby says:

    I literally just bought a few new discs yesterday… if i knew this was coming i totally would have gone with supporting you!


  29. "not on too too much angle" loool

  30. ItzB1itz says:

    These companies are starting to spam merch out to influencers because it's the cheapest advertising you could ever get. They send 5 discs to any of the youtubers and they get the same advertising as half of their sponsored players.

  31. stephen says:

    New subscriber here, appreciate ur videos man.

  32. YungPadawan says:

    Come to michigannnnn!!! Any Michigan tournaments planned??

  33. Edit: Looks like you all like the mystery box idea because all of them sold out in less than 2.5 hours! Will definitely be more as I review more discs, I'll make sure to mention it as I add more in the vids and on instagram 🙂 Thank you all

    Excited to relaunch the store always having goodies on it. Your support means the world to me, whether you choose to purchase anything or just continue enjoying the content 🙂

    Links in the description as always!

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