I played New Zealand's Toughest golf course

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25 Replies to “I played New Zealand's Toughest golf course”

  1. Taco Golf says:

    Kinloch was BRUTAL

    What was your favourite part of the video?

  2. Ryan Taub says:

    I spent the first half thinking that was a crazy looking hat, the second half thinking it’s his hair. Zero confidence in either

  3. Loving the content mate 🎉

  4. Dave Oz says:

    Well done boys! Excellent content.👍

  5. Nei V says:

    Great content uce 🔥

  6. my favourite golf to watch on youtube at the moment by far. please get on the road and do some scrabble matches agains the American lads would but fucking mental

  7. Caleb says:

    Taco’s swing is absolutely pure

  8. O So says:

    Absolute joy to watch!

  9. Oh my algorithm that looks cold

  10. Mojo Hojo says:

    What irons do you play and are you considering the new T series irons?

  11. axelillopr says:

    Alright I thought I was subscribed to too many yt golfers but this is too good. Great quality, amazing courses, great chemistry, funny captions and edits, plus food review. 10/10 need more.

  12. Love the content! ❤

  13. Chris Snape says:

    Well played fellows !

  14. Nice production – loved it taco

  15. Awesome video guys. Great course. I spent many hours in that terrain on army exercises. It never looked that much fun!

  16. Good stuff- love the “feel” of the video. No American hype or pretension. Just mates playing good golf.

  17. ryan m says:

    i just want to take that stuff out of tooms hair so bad…

  18. Izzy 44 says:

    Tacos so pure 👌

  19. Adam W says:

    I would kill for a swing like either of yours. I'd be the best golfer in prison.

  20. Matthew Eney says:

    Taco and Toomey vs the Bryan Brothers. My money is on the Kiwis.

  21. Namesi says:

    You guys are hilarious – loving the content!

  22. who doesnt love TAE and LUKE

  23. Whay irons you guys are using

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