I PLAYED THE BEST COURSE IN EUROPE!!! (Kippasuo DiscGolfPark World) ft. Avery Jenkins

MY FIRST VLOG FROM FINLAND! I had an amazing trip overseas to compete in one of the greatest events in our sport, the European Open! After the tournament wrapped up, Avery and I took a road trip to the #1 ranked course in Finland for Avery’s birthday! What an amazing day, and huge thanks to the crew at Kippasuo for the hospitality! Kippis!


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33 Replies to “I PLAYED THE BEST COURSE IN EUROPE!!! (Kippasuo DiscGolfPark World) ft. Avery Jenkins”

  1. Sanna Kauppi says:

    It does get dark in Finland when it’s the winter and it might even get dark at 4 pm in the south and in the north the sun does not even come out for like four months.

  2. And there is even going to be another full size(18 holes) course going to be built there

  3. Have to say that it give diskgolf terminalen a run for its money in terms of looking good and it’s by far the best course I play at semi regularly that is at least ones a week this summer

  4. disc4suomi says:

    Ketkä asuu Suomessa mä asun kahden tunnin ajomatkan päästä heinolasta

  5. Jeremy says:

    That’s your full size rabbit right there. Thanks for a great tour of this amazing place

  6. Monsteri says:

    How much money did you find on the course?

  7. dtatman7 says:

    What I love about triple mandos is that you're guaranteed to make at least one of the mandos.

  8. David Gannon says:

    Love the Vlog. Great to see some of the courses over there too! That hat/cap is mint btw. Where can I get one?!?

  9. David Harris says:

    This video really popping up on the views!

  10. Arvid Vänn says:

    The "meatball" cinnamon buns you ate are actually Swedish and they are so tasty. Glad our brothers to the east also like them❤

  11. Love your vlogs Casey! You are so chill, and it really helps me relax. Can't wait to see you in Norway next year(?)😀

  12. quuqeli says:

    hey Casey, we met at the European Open i was the guy with eagle snapback who took picture with you on the last day, hope your time in Finland was fun, it was so cool to get to talk with you!

  13. Chase Ashley says:

    Top Scandinavian courses show how courses should be done. Def ahead of the US IMO.

  14. benjk says:

    Put some respeck on Krokhol disc golf course

  15. Avery Jenkins is just great. He is always talking so highly about the people that build the courses, and everybody involved in general

  16. is that a lightsaber tattoo?

  17. joe dupe says:

    Hey man I live right by flip city you should definitely check it out it’s honestly a little east for someone on you’re level tho

  18. powersv2 says:

    You have come a long way dude.

  19. Dead Ewok says:

    dude…your energy is so infectious. it's so awesome seeing how you balance the work and grind of tour life with also NEVER missing a chance for a life experience. that's what it's all about, man.

  20. Stig Helmer says:

    Cant wait til Big Jerm and Casey is going to have convos in Finnish.

  21. jay m says:

    higher reachback than matty o 😀

  22. That bag of cinnamon buns is swedish. 🤪 Nice coursefood. 😂

  23. VetskuDG says:

    Happy birthday to Avery from finland🎉🎉🥳🥳

  24. South Toe says:

    Yo but for real, Finns take their disc golf super serious, and we all love to see it.
    Hope the Baltic countries continue to fall more in love with the sport as well.

  25. South Toe says:

    I love the stache

  26. Love these kinds of vlogs where you talk on the round. Those videos with just a round without talking are boring. Next time get a mic for Avery also! 😀 Good job!

  27. I thought Krokhol was the best course in Europe, however that's located in Norway though.

  28. Must be best pronounced Heinola ever for a no-finn! Or maybe your have some heritage?

  29. Yes! I'm so glad you're showcasing this course I can't believe I don't see more coverage of it, it is fantastic

  30. Dom says:

    Transition at 5:22 was smoooooooooth

  31. Reivn says:

    Glad to hear you liked it in Finland. These videos are pleasant to watch where you analyze the differences between finnish/european, and american tracks. How would you say in general, which side finds it more difficult to adapt their play, europeans throwing on "typical american golf course" tracks, or americans on these "typical european forest" tracks?

  32. H K says:

    Casey where did you get that hat? What brand is that? Looks great.

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