I SPENT $100 AT THE MASTERS – #TheMasters Shop is EPIC!!!

WATCHING TIGER WOODS AT THE MASTERS 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18CGnA8b4B0

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Everyone knows The Masters concessions are mega cheap and that EVERY Masters Patron HAS to stop in The Masters Shop on their way out of the course.

But how far does $100 go at Augusta National??

For US Masters holidays, US Masters tickets and US Masters hospitality packages, YourGolfTravel.com offers a variety of options to ensure that your Masters experience is unforgettable.

Your Golf Travel offers a host of exclusive Masters experiences to five of our handpicked locations, all within 1 hour 45 minutes of Augusta National Golf Club. Within each of these locations we are proud to offer 20 bespoke experiences which are perfect to ensure your trip to The Masters is as fantastic as it could be.

As a Your Golf Travel Masters Patron, you have access to exclusive hospitality facilities just a short walk from the main entrance to the course, as well as tickets, accommodation, rounds of golf at local courses and access to famous golfers including Danny Willett who will be at the YGT Masters Party in 2022.


19 Replies to “I SPENT $100 AT THE MASTERS – #TheMasters Shop is EPIC!!!”

  1. Barry Emery says:

    Ray, have you and the other two muppets parted company? Just wondering, haven’t seen the YGT logo on either Mark or Matt’s shirts and of course you haven’t appeared on the Marks channel and vice versa!

  2. do they still have chairs ? or they ran out? going tomorrow

  3. Great video! Do they sell any golf bags there? Thinking about making the trip in 2023

  4. Hope your having a great time Rory…enjoy it as always..

  5. Can I have the torn putter cover if its being retired I know I am a Scotsman but…….lol

  6. Sto Ne says:

    Well done Rory!! Less than 200$ is still ok for some nice stuff you’ve got. And I think the price for the masters chair in fact is pretty fair. Especially coz it seems to be an important thing to have as a patron. Love your Masters vids!

  7. Putter cover is a bargain!!! trying to buy a replacement cover at the moment and prices are mad for used covers.

  8. Rob Biles says:

    Sound like my wife Rory – Honey I'll only be spending 100 dollars. At least you got something worth while, not just shoes.

  9. Craig Jones says:

    Good effort Bruh. Desperate to get there and replace all the glasses in my hiuse with masters cups hahs

  10. Sonny Jobe says:

    This is awesome rory, that looks cool. Can I have the old putter cover please I know how to fix it and use with joy, a nice ce gift from you. Chur Sonny

  11. I am pleasantly surprised on how everything is so reasonably priced, food included. The Master's is definitely on my bucket list.

  12. Ken Oath says:

    Nice! I think you did well Rory, roughly half on necessities and furniture and the other half on cool swag. Good work Brah 😁

  13. Mark Smith says:

    Not sure about your schedule there but with the weather being cooler on the first few days good grab on the long sleeve shirt. Keep the vids coming.

  14. Enjoy the week Rory, that hat is porn, I reckon my budget in the shop would be €1000 so about $1100

  15. Ed Kemp says:

    Nice work Rory. Great to see you enjoying the masters. Thanks again for all your support. 🙏🙏☺️😂

  16. Barry Emery says:

    Bag tag’s a bit expensive Ray, you got another green one for free😂😂

  17. A Q says:

    The hats look cool. looking forward to this series

  18. Hey Rory, love the channel. I’m from Australia so can we purchase your masters tickets from Australia and join you there?

  19. Zf1579 says:

    Looking forward to hearing about the adventures this week Rory.
    Not jealous in the slightest 🤭 Have a great time 👍

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