I Just HAD TO BUY This SECOND HAND GOLF CLUB! – GAME CHANGER! Last week I played 18 holes with a set of second hand budget golf clubs. It made me think, do we need to buy the best golf clubs of 2023? the latest and greatest driver of 2023? in this video we take a look at one of the golf clubs which I used incredibly well and just HAD TO BUY IT! Could this golf club transform my golf game and be a total game changer for the back end of the season. Buying used golf clubs can be a great way of saving money whilst buying enjoyable golf clubs to help you play better golf and enjoy your golf that little bit more… what did I buy? let’s find out… and let’s do it now!


40 Replies to “I SWORE ID STOP DOING THIS… I Need To Apologise – I BOUGHT IT!”

  1. Gary Brumley says:

    It looks similar to my Del Mar, which is heel shafted. The weighting is a bit different. The way you described your putting swing is exactly what the Del Mar is designed to help, as is your Scotty. I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

  2. Tom Arthurs says:

    Let's be honest James, in 10 years time you will be doing another vlog praising your new Scotty Cameron Newport 47.

  3. Jim McCoy's says:

    It never fails when you threaten a club that you’re considering replacing, it always starts working

  4. So you want to change the grip and the length but say you're putting amazing with it?? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Colin White says:

    I’ll sort your dilemma James, send the Scotty to New Zealand, I’ll take good care of it for you.👍😎

  6. Did you really say that you weren’t trying to change clubs with a straight face? 😂

  7. Michael S says:

    I had this putter years ago and the teryllium both awesome putters but wasted unless you're putting on awesome greens. I'd get that restored and get some gun oil and a cloth.

  8. Scotty Cameron putter

  9. I am in the same boat as you James. I went to a putter with a slight toe hang. I noticed that it helped me square the putter more on short putts. My miss on short putts is a deacceleration leaving the blade open at impact.

  10. kris marcus says:

    your face when the 2nd putt with the vegas went in😂😂😂😂

  11. I have been having problems with my 5iron so I took out my old one and I am just going to put a new grip on it!! But I would really like to get a new or newer used iron set 4-pw!! I have two different putters as well one which is a Wilson similar to their 8802 style which is a bit heavier the other is the mallet inesis 100 both of which I put a SuperStroke style grip on!! The Wilson one is a bit heavier than the inesis. But I like the mallet style one especially with the line up aid!!

  12. Going to buy a Cleveland chipper

  13. Hmm…never seen James swap out a putter after a day of using before. Wait a second…. That Vegas will find its way back to your bag if you know what's good for you (or Chris gives you a good reminder of how well fit it is for ya. Happy putter ho'ing JR 🙂

  14. James, As I said, I definitely do enjoy your videos and would love to talk to you. Let me know the best time since now it is 5 AM and I am on my way for dialysis and can't talk at this moment. Best wishes from the "states". Tom

  15. You could also move the lie angle slightly more vertical, that will stop you crouching over quite so much. In the putter fitting I had last year the guy actually took half an inch off the top of the putter after moving the lie angle a few degrees more vertical and it felt almost the same. We actually did this to move the position of my eyes over the ball. If you're holing so many putts with the slightly shorter putter, you might have your eyes in a slightly different position over the ball and that could be changing your aim, possibly for the positive even though it's a slightly less comfortable position. Maybe get Chris to check this for you when you do your testing.

  16. Adam Price says:

    Refurb the Scotty and stick it in the bag! And practice. You know you’re a good putter, just need to put in the work. I feel like a lesson might just put you in the technical over feel mindset

  17. Roy Holmes says:

    Let's be honest, it's never the putter!
    I am not a great putter, and the perfect putter has found it's way into my bag 3 or 4 times now …… in the last two years! 😂
    Everyone tells me "find a putter and stick with it, practice with it, play with it," and they're probably not wrong.

    Last week I got a Ben Ross Tribe, it's great, putted like a demon last weekend! 😅

  18. Ian Shepherd says:

    Toulon rolls better the Scotty hops off the face it prob has too much loft? The Vegas rolls better for sure visually

  19. This test is nowhere near comprehensive enough to make a determination which putter is better for you.

  20. Keep them both, when the putter doesn’t work it’s always good to swap it for a previous one which usually works and it wonder why it didn’t stay in the bag, another quality video James

  21. Gary Davis says:

    Gets a beautiful Toulon Las Vegas putter, spends hours with Chris Dennis working on his putting, putts better than practically anybody on YouTube…….picks up an old Scotty and has to have it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Keep it in the bag, you seem different when you putt with it. More confident.

  23. I bought a Scotty Cameron Napa Wilson 8802 like remake for $3.99 us dollars at a Thrift Store. I always have played a Wilson 8802 and the Cameron has as great a feel and maybe even better.
    Scotty Cameron really made putters that are worth the money. This putter is worth almost 500 British pounds

  24. My son has had Tiger`s putter 20 years with a ping grip. It is wonderful. I don't have one, but I do have his old Ping putter, and love it.

  25. I have a lovely SC California Monterey that went to the custom shop. Just too much toe hang for me. I still bring it out from time to time

  26. Ron Cook says:

    Stick with the "T"!

  27. Great ! Now I have to decide which I want to see more of. A plethora or a smorgasbord !!……. 😮

  28. Harvey Helka says:

    James did ya see Costco has come out with a driver and irons ( Kirkland). Looking foward to seeing you do a review on them.

  29. Totally different thing when you bring tension in the game of putting. I very much appreciate the Scotty for touch but there is little or no support from it on the back 9 playing against your mates for a pint 😅

  30. Rod Link says:

    A putter James, I love mine no changes… Odyssey Marksman!!

  31. Garry Martin says:

    If you feel happier and more confident with a certain club in your hand youll always hit it better

  32. David Cooper says:

    Just put it in the bag… watching you videoes my humble opinion (as a fan)is if you have a weak area its the putting.. you looked SO CONFIDENT with the Scotty

  33. I keep all my old putters. You never know when the when the feelings are going to change.

  34. If it feels good for you it's guaranteed to work

  35. Not in my bag, prefer my Anser or Laguna.

  36. Mark Reider says:

    Stick with the Toulon!!

  37. I bought a laguna from your golfing friend. it's brilliant and like New. Cost me an arm and a leg. Customs.

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