I Take On Scotland's NEWEST GOLF COURSE! #inthered S2 E7 (Amazing)

I Take On Scotland’s NEWEST GOLF COURSE! #inthered S2 E7 (Amazing)

Matt Fryer heads to Dumbarnie golf club to see if he can get #inthered for the second time this series.

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33 Replies to “I Take On Scotland's NEWEST GOLF COURSE! #inthered S2 E7 (Amazing)”

  1. Finn K says:

    You’re swing looks so effortless and smooth, fantastic game! Great entertainment as always, cheers and good luck with second nine!

  2. 🎉❤brilliant round Matt ⛳️🏌🏿‍♀️🦅searching for that illusive birdie.

  3. Hey Ho! What a great place and video.

  4. Chazthefurr says:

    Great course and Matt is such a good player. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't putt from off the green. And no luck whatsoever with his putting today.

  5. Moonpig1971 says:

    That's one solid round of golf…swings looking great Matt. If you got that putter hot you would've gone supper low. Great vlog 👏👏👏

  6. Alan Tyson says:

    Lovely vlog Matt and great playing. Really solid!

  7. Simon Wallis says:

    Well played,some of those putts dropped and it would’ve been a very good ‘in the red’

  8. Chris Golfer says:

    You said you putted badly, but if you look back at the video you actually putted very well. Considering the contours on the greens you were always up close to the hole and your lines were nearly perfect and your pace.

  9. Great round Matthew.

  10. CornishMaid says:

    If I could afford to, I’d certainly be going to Scotland and enjoy my twilight years playing golf there. Certainly wouldn’t blame you for doing so Matt. Well played

  11. Matt Repass says:

    Hey ho please send me a set of muzunos as the #1 fan

  12. Sean Tracy says:

    Matt, you're playing some quality shots and maintaining a great mindset. Great course and sweet video.

  13. Have you ever had an 18 pars round?

  14. Kevin Heitz says:

    Playing some good golf. Course management was top notch.

  15. Kay Mun Teo says:

    Glad to see you loving your driver again after the struggles!! Though it gives us mere mortals hope when the great ones have problems too

  16. Mark Cronin says:

    Leaving the rakes at the front of the bunker. Tut tut Mathew

  17. Roger Morris says:

    To be fair Matty 3 birdies on the front 9 wouldn't have been out of order. Beauty of a course

  18. Dumbarnie is 100% a tourist links, aimed at the American market. Still a nice place to play, but you can tell its a manufactured links. Well played 👍

  19. Chris Clark says:


    whose self talk was toxic

    and now is at ease with the vagaries of golf👍

    Much more enjoyable, much more consistent.

    Beautiful effort from the tees.

    Whatever prompted the change I'm glad you are making the effort 👏

  20. jules ITFC says:

    Great vlog , and bloody good golf in a superb part of the world , think you need to see if theres any head pro jobs going up in Scotland … home of golf ⛳️ 👌

  21. My heart stopped at the missed par putt, 9 iron chip,putts are great if you get speed right.😊

  22. T says:

    That was a heck of a round on a not to easy golf course 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  23. I am from the US, but was fortunate enough to play Gullane (#1). Was a fun links course and the people were so nice (like most in Scotland). My favorite country outside the US

  24. Quality video as always thought you played some excellent golf there Matt.

  25. Mike Perks says:

    Great vlog – well played

  26. Great golf Matt, it didn’t look like the lines of putts didn’t move that much! So did you remember the starters advice “never outside the lip?? Really enjoyed the vlog 👍🏻

  27. Dave Smart says:

    Great round Matt, looks a nice piece of real estate

  28. Mike Perks says:

    Your next door to Elie – magic historic links – do yourself a favour

  29. W S says:

    It’s better to be lucky than good sometimes.

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