‘I think Edmonton’s closer’ to end Canada’s Stanley Cup drought | OverDrive – Aug 2nd 2023 – Part 2

Brendan Dunlop, Frankie Corrado and Peter Holland are joined by First Up co-host and TSN Hockey analyst Carlo Colaiacovo to discuss Radko Gudas’ comments regarding not wanting to play in Toronto because of the media pressure in the playoffs, how the Toronto Maple Leafs defence is built, why he thinks the Edmonton Oilers are the closest team to end Canada’s Stanley Cup drought and more. The boys take it or leave it in OverDrive Arbitration and more.


15 Replies to “‘I think Edmonton’s closer’ to end Canada’s Stanley Cup drought | OverDrive – Aug 2nd 2023 – Part 2”

  1. David M says:

    If Edmonton didn't have McDavid they would be playing for #1 picks

  2. sempcast says:

    Terry is awesome, more reliable than Zegres (but less of a superstar) not surprised by 7×7

  3. sempcast says:

    Zach Hyman wheeling the golf wedding, an 18-course meal!! 😮😮😮🎉🎉🎉

  4. J says:

    Colaiacovo talking about reading lowered everyone on earths iq by one point

  5. sempcast says:

    😂😂😂wardrobe chirps

  6. Polwarthful says:

    Oil fan asking a legitimate question to Leaf Nation.

    Is Campbell an NHL goalie?

    I don’t see how this guy is in the NHL. He is horrid. Butterfly is predominantly in the lean forward position to where he opens up the top half of the net. Last season aside I can’t see how this guy is in the show.

  7. R V says:

    never in cap history has a top cap hit player won the cup. Never happened. In fact the highest cap hit of cup winners were Crosby and Malkin at #7 and #5 in 2016. The 2023 cup winning Knights had the first $10m+ cap hit winning player in Eichel who was #12 on the list last year. In other words, Edmonton's cap is too inefficient to win it all despite how good McDavid is. Draisaitl is usually their best player when they are actually winning playoff games if you haven't noticed and that amazing cap hit deal is ending in 2 years. If they don't get it done before that deal is over then it isn't happening at all, but I argue the Nurse, Nuge, Hyman and McDavid cap hits already guarantee it won't happen.

  8. David M says:

    Edmonton is trash lmao

  9. Ricky Martin says:

    Loser Leafs Lovers will not like this claim at all! Love it!!! 😆

  10. dan graesser says:

    I love love love the grappler ripping on the tat man!!! It is priceless! It makes my skin crawl when he hosts the show!

  11. Philly Nolan says:

    Time stamps please

  12. Wade Anthony says:

    .the next Cup winner from Canada will be the last Cup winner from Canada…go Habs.

  13. Sophie June says:

    30:05 dude this argument is moot for the Ducks they were under the cap floor before Terry signed and they still have over 20 mil right now.

  14. Everyone has been saying Edmonton is the closest to winning the cup since they drafted McDavid in 2015. Yet the Oilers still have the same problems that have held them back every year. Shitty goaltending and ever worse defense. The Oilers have shown that they can out score their defensive problems in the regular season. They have also shown they can't out score their defensive issues in the Playoffs

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