Today Ian is back home to visit the Club Champion in Glasgow
Scotland and get fit for a new putter from Joe Hughes.

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



  1. Eric Lopoten says:

    Hey guys! I got a great deal on a Sik putter with LA golf graphite putter shaft. However it's 35 inches, and ideally I prefer a 34 inch putter. I'm going to be changing the grip regardless. What is the best way to trim an inch off the butt end of a graphite putter shaft? Should you even do it? Thanks for your advice!!

  2. andy says:

    I got a putter fitting with Joe! He is amazing his knowledge was great and my new putter is great

  3. I would love to see some golf accessories and training aid reviews/tests by you guys. Would like to see your take on Hackmotion if that would help average golfer.

  4. jack bade says:

    Just me or does Ian pause at the back of his putting stroke a tiny bit? Throws off the tempo

  5. What's the over under on when Ian goes back to his Scotty lol

  6. Terry Mudry says:

    Had a great fitting with Dean Fry at the Mississauga location last Tuesday. Fit into an Evnroll EV 5.1. Absolutely love it!

  7. Dean Rowe says:

    Txg brand name so much better than club champion feels a little bit cheap eh

  8. Neil Shayler says:

    I just got the Evnrol ER10 cracking putter far more consistent with it less 3 putts

  9. joshclayg says:

    I'd argue most of these issues could be fixed with a focus on ball position and the cadence in transition from back/through swing.

  10. David Oh says:

    I’d definitely be interested in more putter fitting content. With fitting generally, not all these fitters out in the world actually know their stuff. I’ve had them tell me ridiculous stuff. As I’ve learned more, I’ve been able to protect myself from bad fitting and to recognize who is good. I’d like to get fit for a putter but I need to learn more, to be able to discern who I can trust.

  11. Timothy Soto says:

    I’d like to see Ian would walk behind the ball between putts. Maybe Take a look rather than Lineup to the machine. He missed so many putts one ball left because of alignment on amazing strokes

  12. bLind says:

    Hey guys, I love the content, have been an avid watcher since I discovered the channel a little over a year ago and have absolutely eaten up a lot of your library. I'm curious though – you guys are basically the pinnacle of professional club fitting, and I'd love to see a video about how you got where you are and how aspiring fitters can approach the industry and find a career in fitting. I've been told repeatedly that I've got a highly analytical approach to sales (my current field) and have loved to be a problem solver my entire life, two things that I feel would directly correlate to success in fitting. Obviously a love of golf and sport in general plays into that as well.

    Any chance you guys could give us a video about how to approach the field and be successful in an industry that is notoriously difficult to succeed in?

  13. ryan g says:

    In our area there aren’t these options. Me and my buddies had an awful experience at club champion. I watch these videos because Ian and txg have been such a positive blessing. But not every area has these options. Not all of us would go back to a club champion

  14. Mike says:

    i did a putter fit at TXG Mississauga. I tried an EVNROLL putter and brought in two putters of my own to get adjusted/checked. Found my PING mallet was better than the EVNROLL, but funny thing is on the course I seem to have better speed control with my Taylormade Soto blade putter on the outdoor greens.

  15. Lapdog says:

    I wonder how the fitting would go with an open stance the way Nicklaus putted? It seems to me all the putting training aids is about square putting stances. I recently changed to an open stance so I could see the line better and putting so much better. I’m afraid if I went to a putter fitting they’d try and change my stance.

  16. been gaming the ER2 for awhile and dont think i will ever change. i switch out clubs frequently and have tried all sorts of putters, but i always go back to the Evnroll.

  17. hbyrdut says:

    Maybe I missed something but if your miss is left don’t you need more toe hang. It’s kind of like a driver, you put weight in the toe to keep the face from rotating closed

  18. Ryan F says:

    Drove 7 hours to get fit by Joe at Glasgow CC, mostly down to the TXG association.
    Made 4/14 putts with my old gamer from 15 feet, after going through the Sam lab process i made 7/7 with all the recommendations.
    These guys are top drawer and i will be back!

  19. Great job in the video Jose!! Top quality

  20. JAKE YOON says:

    If you get a chance, go to Evnroll HQ in Carlsbad, CA and get fit. Nothing beats witnessing your putter built from fit to assembly before your eyes.

  21. Your tempo is off. You are hitting at the ball rather than swinging through; u r decelerating as you approach the bottom of your swing and then arresting.😮

  22. w.a. manning says:

    spending time with your countrymen in this video, ian's accent is much stronger than clips filmed in canada…funny!

  23. Developmental ophthalmologists say the best way to putt is to stand with your eyes a few inches inside in order to better see the line. Jack Nicholas knew this. ALSO, you must know if you are right or left eye dominant. Before Tiger Woods had his head injury he was left eye dominant. Dr. Maestro

  24. Mitch says:

    I got a putter fitting at my local club champion earlier this year and it was a huge rip off… 10 mins max and the guy running the fitting was barely even a golfer

  25. I was fit by Dane this week into that same Evnroll putter. Really like it. What we also found though is that my current putter is speced just about perfect for me. No hard sell, was told what I have works great but if I’m in the market for a new toy then the Evnroll will work. Great experience and a bit of a confidence boost as well.

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