If You Make A Review, Be Honest.



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31 Replies to “If You Make A Review, Be Honest.”

  1. Greg trying to buy another McLaren 😂

  2. Andy Berry says:

    Pro tip …busy ingredients separately and use vimto squash cordial. Money saved

  3. I'll try your pre workout soon.

  4. Mounir B says:

    Why no link to there channel in the description??

  5. Super Toddy says:

    ngl, i missed the 1.0 with the cotton candy flavor, i honestly despise 2.0, and other than ingredients i miss the original that i loved in 1.0, as far as the effects, they were both similar, but i miss the flavor more than anything, if cotton candy comes back ill start getting htlt pre again, but as for now its not worth it

  6. Wiseman J says:

    I am already on psychostimulants for ADHD. I'm good, haha.

  7. Dustin says:

    The moment they talked about liking c4 told me they have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

  8. Jonas Marken says:

    I like the review there. I prefer a cup of coffee before my workout.

  9. John Bowen says:

    Great strategy by these two. I’ve never heard of their channel before but they must have known that Greg would be all over a strong review of C4. They just had their channel plugged to more than 1.92 million people for over 17 minutes. Nice work.

  10. TKD Guy says:

    Be honest in reviews: such as maybe learning how to actually use the Vitamix and giving it a fair review when you compared it to the ninja instead of purposely trying to make it look bad?

  11. Krissy Sauer says:

    I can't find an ingredient list anywhere. I'm thinking about buying but I need to know what these things are sweetened with??

  12. That is the face of a ped abusing man. Tired, aged

  13. Big Guy says:

    I take pre-workout 4 hours before bed….. no problems. I also walk 25,000 steps a day at my job, so I'll sleep just fine. 👍

  14. It's really good Pre-Workout, and it is worth the price.

  15. Bk556 says:

    Greg please! How much sugar is in Perilyte! I wanna order so bad but don’t know the sugar content!

  16. pieter lion says:

    I wish your products could be shipped to europe man, been willing to buy them here in belgium but my first order was being canceled because of this problem. It sucks

  17. IMO – beets, y'all.

    Fraction of the price of any pre-workout, provides a steady natural supply of energy for a couple hours wiith no sweetners/artificial colors that avoids crashes.

    Chop up some beets, boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

    You're welcome.

  18. Train hard enough the pre work out effects will go away trust me I work out like a beast

  19. HTLT does not deliver to norway

  20. Crust Ocean says:

    All pre workout is scam, why would I take the grind and pain from my workouts on a bad day? Disciplin needs practice too. No cocktail shall rob me of that!

  21. Who out here with itchy buttholes😂 naw u got something else going on you dirty little freaks.

  22. HurricanePab says:

    Best preworkout is sleep

  23. Muddyboot says:

    I can't justify the price of preworkout. Caffeine pills slap and they cheap AF

  24. ChyllerKoala says:

    It sucks like donkey balls 😂

  25. R P says:

    Advertising harder then last time for Greg’s next Porsche

  26. Jason S says:

    That woman looks like she could play linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

  27. Ayan Alam says:

    My caffeine tolerance is so high, I don't feel anything taking so much pre-workout and coffee,

  28. DTC DTC says:

    Just got an ad for "V shred" and now that Hollyweird " Doctor Drew" is claiming there's "more than meets the eye" to V shred. Good gosh.

  29. Oof. Their audio sounds like a school intercom

  30. I actually switched from gorilla to htlt because of the beta

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