“In 10 years… no one will be reading greens.” -Keegan Bradley

10 Replies to ““In 10 years… no one will be reading greens.” -Keegan Bradley”

  1. Need a roll back and a ban on aimpoint, golf is getting extremely boring to watch with guys like harman and clark winning majors we don’t need everyone taking 5 minutes on each putt

  2. That's because we'll all be dead waiting for you to putt.

  3. Tried this. Doesnt work for me. I just cant "feel" the break

  4. Thought this was the JR Smith video we’ve been waiting on! Can’t wait for it!

  5. Tyler Setter says:

    I was so skeptical but I got 1 lesson and I now read Bermuda greens better than I ever have, it uses your body's natural balance and athleticism

  6. There really is no debate or any other way to do it, why would you guess with your eyes when you can create a system to know where to aim. Aim point is the present and future

  7. I know I'm going to get roasted but what is aimpoint

  8. Eric says:

    Keegan the 🐐

  9. Listen to Ty says:

    Fuck aim point. The difference is minutes Keegan. Already too many people struggling to keep pace and now you want them to perform a field sobriety test every time they putt. Stop it.

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