INSANELY In Depth Review of the World’s 1st Recycled Midrange

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31 Replies to “INSANELY In Depth Review of the World’s 1st Recycled Midrange”

  1. Massive thank you to Jesse for the disc and more importantly pushing the sport forward in a positive way and being a friend!

  2. Youdontlift says:

    bro your videos are fucking dope.

  3. So how does the movie end, nerd?

  4. Brian Draper says:

    You should compare the MVP Watt to the Dune. That's a full weight Glitch for sure.

  5. Hit my second ace ever with my dune on the 25th last month. Love the way the plastic feels

  6. Bobby Davis says:

    Didn't want to compare to a mako3?

  7. Does the MD1 deserve to be compared to the Dune?

  8. Dominic T says:

    The Element wont be a good comparison by feel but by flight it absolutely will be

  9. Tim Weber says:

    Why doesn't anyone compare it to the wombat 3?

  10. Awesome video, definitely felt refreshing and had quite the array of fun editing styles. Loved your fade in to the shot, and the straight bangers for background music. 10/10 video, keep it up!

  11. prattacaster says:

    Looks closer to a Mako 3/MD1 than any of these discs, also seems like it was much closer to the Fuse than you get it credit for

  12. Hahahahaha love the jmilly jab 😂

  13. Love this video so much! Didn't know there was a style of disc reviews I would enjoy and appreciate so much. I've been on the fence about getting the dune since I have so many mids already. It's great seeing direct comparisons like this (even though i've only thrown the Buzzz SS out of this line up)
    Looks like the dune will be the perfect replacement for my early run ESP FLX Buzzz that's beat to death. lol

  14. I will throw the Dune soon, but if you like a straight shot, try a Watt.

  15. DiscJunkies says:

    love Jesse and the discs !!!

  16. Id be curious to see this compared to a Bravo Texas Ranger, its the straightest in my bag here in the Springs.

  17. hump333s says:

    This video was awesome

  18. Is that some Caravan Palace I'm hearing about halfway through?

  19. Brian Bloom says:

    Love the production fun with this (the 1,2,3 at home, the cameos of the maker and others doing sea level tests, and that you tried to answer all those questions). Also thanks for including forehand, roller, and thumber shots!

  20. I can’t find that hot anywhere! Really like it

  21. Was excited to try the Dune but felt it at the local store and the plastic just did not feel great to me. Felt incredibly cheap (I know it is recycled) but the Inner Core felt better. I bag the Fuse and absolutely love it. Yours seems more flippy than any I have thrown though. JohnE ones are the best. In VIP-X plastic it's money.

  22. Eric Lynch says:

    Hey Anthony, love the video! I am surprised you were expecting the Fuse and Buzzz SS to be as stable as the Dune. Both those discs are super understable most of the time. Unless i power down alot, my fuse won't even move back left on a throw.

  23. William Ford says:

    Cheeky birdie edit. 🤫

  24. Stumpy says:

    Sorry could not watch video with giant caterpillar on head, too distracting for the adhd

  25. Wade Evans says:

    for me the dune feels really close to a mind bender

  26. map says:

    It looks like it flies similar to the apollo from Alfa

  27. Really enjoy this style of review!

  28. Brett McHan says:

    How does the MD1 compare to the dune

  29. for me i find the dune touchy, but hey for being a recylce plastic its comparable to the leaders in the market, some people is going to love it some others dont, depend on your style and hands. my question was the most important :p

  30. Shawn Manson says:

    I could care less if a disc is recycled or not but it seems to fly well… Climate problems are made up

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