INSIDE ACCESS: The Best College Golf Practice Facility

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44 Replies to “INSIDE ACCESS: The Best College Golf Practice Facility”

  1. Unfortunately the wind made the audio very difficult to work with 🙁 but we did our best in post production with the audio. Had a deadcat on the mic and lowered the mic sensitivity and still turned out windy.

    But this place is a really special place for the Iowa State golf team! Greens are SO pure and you basically have an entire course as your practice facility all in one spot

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  2. Kwon v Garrett v Grant v Micah! We all want it!!

  3. Ben Abbot says:

    You meet Zach May from New Zealand?

  4. TheExoxz says:

    Come check out the blessings in Fayetteville AR home or the Razorbacks!

  5. Loved this, give me more Kiwis, fantastic course and love that we see the holes from above, awesome 😂

  6. Pedro says:

    That first drone shot killed me xD

  7. Nolan King says:

    Heck yea lived in Iowa my whole life good video Luke

  8. Xxxxxxxxxx says:

    Heck yeah. Roll clones brotha!!

  9. JM says:

    TBH this course looks boring and open and not aesthetically pleasing. Not sure why you think its the best lol

  10. William Dix says:

    Dude im so happy that you came to Iowa. We have so many good courses. Maybe a good good week here soon! Keep up the good work my g.

  11. Very cool training facility and great video Luke!!🏌‍♂⛳😀

  12. luc tremblay says:

    look like a grass mower university to me

  13. Rob Sharp says:

    While you guys are in Iowa you should look up Oakwood Golf Course in Conrad, IA. They have the nicest 9 hole course I’ve played and just recently added lights for night golf!

  14. Gary says:

    Luke da best

  15. Gary says:

    Insane facility, I need access to one… should be a thing out in the world

  16. If you ever get the chance, go check out the Purdue golf courses designed by Pete Dye

  17. Kolby Knox says:

    You should go check out the Birck Boilermaker Complex, two Pete Dye courses, great practice areas

  18. What an incredible place that is. If you cant get your game in shape there, then you have no hope

  19. Cody Abell says:

    Tight facility. Still a Hawkeye nation.

  20. Did you take any video at The Harvester?

  21. Luke showing his class there!

  22. TitleWaive1 says:

    Great video! Luke, you need to do a meet up in the Ames/Ankeny area. I'm sure youd have a great turnout.

  23. the improvised drone shot put me in tears. Totally unexpected.

  24. Jason Kiely says:

    Do what’s in the bags with both these guys !!!!

  25. J says:

    Some proper quality golf here, and some rapid greens.

  26. GOTH ROSS says:

    Damn. Kwon running w the drone had me dead!

  27. Duff says:

    Let’s go! Great video nz lads are killing it. 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  28. David Benoit says:

    I grew up in Iowa and lived in Ames…Thanks Luke! Awesome stuff!

  29. Great game. Man Voke reminds me SO much of Rhys Darby, are they related…?

  30. ItsZapo says:

    happy to more of nick! he's a real good entertainer

  31. Dane says:

    Give me 1/10th if this facility and I’d spend the rest of my life there and die a happy man

  32. I’ve lived in Iowa my whole life and some years in Ames. Never ever heard of this place until now. Looks very nice though.

  33. Joe says:

    Love the graphics. Nice addition.

  34. Justin says:

    The edit on video was 🔥

  35. Joe says:

    Wow that is next level. Why would you ever leave?

  36. I really like the after shot tracers in google earth of all three shots. It really helps visualize and contextualize the shot just hit and what shot is next.

  37. Gerard Maher says:

    Did Volke play 5/8 for the All Blacks in the 1995 RWC ?

  38. Cade Johnson says:


  39. Mason Will says:

    I live so close to this facility!!! Absolutely love seeing Iowa getting some recognition!

  40. John Gibson says:

    Its really fun to watch that quality of golf!!

  41. Jeff J says:

    This course (The Harvester) used to be public. It's as true as summer rain. Difficulty level is near 10/10 IMO. It's not just an ISU practice facility. Very wealthy individuals buy packages that give them time on the course. And it never involves waiting on a group in front of you.

  42. Hell yeah love some Voke content, what a beauty

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