Inside Justin Fields' QB Tier Ranking with Mike Sando & Bears camp ramps up | Hoge & Jahns

Hoge and Jahns welcome QB Tiers originator Mike Sando on The Athletic to weigh-in on why Justin Fields is ranked where he is, why the QBs ahead of him are ranked where they are, and where he might be ranked by this time next season. Plus, Bears camp starts to ramp up the excitement as pads come on and hits start coming.

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17 Replies to “Inside Justin Fields' QB Tier Ranking with Mike Sando & Bears camp ramps up | Hoge & Jahns”

  1. Smh nothing but horrible take

  2. Can we get some jahns only merch? A lot of us love jahns just dont like hoge. I want a team jahns shirt

  3. The Chicago Bears Team Defense will be the Team MVP, this 2023 Football Season. The Chicago Bears Defense will be a SWARMING DEFENSE. They will Carry the Team to be in Games this 2023 Football Season.

  4. Jim Ellis says:

    JF1 has better potential than Hurts. He’s bigger, faster, stronger arm, etc. At a minimum, he works just as hard as Hurts and understands Xs & Os as well as Hurts. The difference to date has been the quality of the team and coaching surrounding them.

  5. Mike Hom says:

    16 Minutes with Sando was about twice as long as it needed to be. Really, too many generalities. Not really value add, IMHO. What did we learn about Fields during that segment? Nothing. And I, for one, am tired of hearing about Hurts. He plays behind the best O line in football. And he has one of the best defenses in the league getting stops and giving him great field position. JF has had none of that to date. Hopefully we have added enough to find out if he's the franchise QB us Bears fans are dying for.

  6. Thank you for tempering the irrational fandom inside of me throughout this podcast. So I mean depressing years makes me so jaded so I'm always happy whenever I hear a reporter saying there's still a lot of good out of this lol My sanity thanks you

  7. Mr.fukk12 says:

    I can’t wait for the regular season so we know for sure how good fields is. This is killing us that we really don’t know since he didn’t have any players last season that could help him and they didn’t pass the ball that much and than the year before he had one of the worst coaches and didn’t have any time with the 1s in the off-season so he didn’t get the time he should have practicing and getting timing down with his receivers. Hopefully he puts it all together and the bears win 8 games at least and are on the up and up towards the end of the season

  8. Rick Ruder says:

    What really happened yesterday…Offense got punched in the face and they didn't respond.

  9. Derral Upton says:

    Did he pull up the cast of players those guys had and compare them to Justin's?? I didn't think so.

  10. Derral Upton says:

    This guy's gonna be with the other haters eatin a shit sandwich!! JF1 is gonna shut ALOT of people's mouths this year!!

  11. Piteus X says:

    This is how it should be. Talk fans up when Justin struggles. Talk fans down when Justin kicks butt. It's prsctice. We won't know a thing until the first presesson game. Heck, we won't know until the first regular sesson game.

  12. Derral Upton says:

    PJs accuracy is a little concerning!!😮

  13. gstation7 says:

    Oline heavy draft next year

  14. SomeoneElse says:

    This time next year Fields will be consensus #1 after the greatest statistical season of all time — 5,000 yards passing / 1,200 yards rushing / 65 TDs / 3 INTs / 20 Wins

  15. Sonic Brew says:

    Would be lovely if you chaps posted on Threads too please.

  16. Kenny says:

    Bunch-a nerds

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