INSTANTLY ADD 29 YARDS to your drives WITHOUT swinging faster!

Did you know you can hit your driver LONGER without having the SWING FASTER! I have just added 29 yards to my driver without swinging faster! It all happens at the ELBOW! I recently played the Beef golf day and used these simple additions to my swing, and as a result I added 29 YARDS to my driver, I also hit so many more fairways! So many golfers ask me how do I keep my left arm straight in the golf swing, how do we get the TURN in the golf swing and what is the key to width in the golf swing?

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This simple golf tip is going to answer these 3 questions which are going to help you add up to 29 yards to your driver, hit your driver longer, hit your driver straighter and so much more! The elbow plays a huge part in adding distance with your driver and all of this is going to be explained to you in todays golf driver tip by Alex Elliott Golf. Alex Elliott Golf is a PGA golf professional and Top 50 world coach!

In this video I’ll show you 3 keys that will allow you to become more consistent & efficient in your golf swing with driver.

Often I see amateur golfers be very inefficient with their strike with driver. This can cause them to slice the driver to hook the driver. By squaring the clubface and rotating better in the golf swing you will find yourself adding a lot of distance with your driver.

This is a must watch video for golfers of any level who are serious about improving their swing with driver and adding distance!

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21 Replies to “INSTANTLY ADD 29 YARDS to your drives WITHOUT swinging faster!”

  1. Hi all! Hope this tip helps you, do you feel like you are struggling with the same thing? So many golfers ask me how do I keep my left arm straight in the golf swing, how do we get the TURN in the golf swing and what is the key to width in the golf swing? Let me know in the comments!

  2. nickd2509 says:

    Always valuable tips.
    Can you advise how to best play links courses please?

  3. Adie W says:

    Great channel ,great content, question……. what is the better club to use a 5 wood or a hybrid ? I have mixed results with either 🤷‍♂️ or is there room in the bag for both ? Some tips on hitting either would be helpful 🙏🙏

  4. Douglas Flay says:

    Hi Alex I'm very grateful for all your tips. Can you help me with my putting I have trouble reading left-to-right putts and also wandering why the pros stand between the ball and the hole on either side if their line and walk towards the hole . Thanks

  5. Doug Wilcox says:

    I don’t necessarily want to hit the ball further. I want to hit the ball more consistently straighter!

  6. matt Feltham says:

    Sweet, Chucking the bucket of water has helped massively, now gonna try this… Thanks

  7. J PB says:

    Grip tip is surprising helpful. Thanks.

  8. Paul H uk says:

    Hi Alex, great show once again, can you help me stop going left, I don't hook or slice( well maybe sometimes) but I tend to hit straight left, tried adjusting where I aim , tried to get my hip out of the way , still go left, please help.

  9. Marco FD says:

    Honestly the most i have learned from this channel, is not something that improved distances, but moreso awareness of what you are actually doing when playing golf. and to me thats a fundemental factor that decides if one actually can enjoy the sport or not, so thank you for that Alex. I prefer knowing where I am aiming, and actually seeing the ball go the same direction. and i can just get a lower club out of the bag to get more distance. hitting a max of 85 meters with a PW is good enough if it goes straight 95% of the time in exchange.

  10. Mike says:

    Brilliant lesson today all makes sense and easy to practice and I guess see improvements cheers

  11. Corn Zombie says:

    This only added 26 yards to my drive. I’m disappointed 😂

  12. Ken Brown says:

    it's been a week of mondays, so I'm trying to reserve time to get off to the course saturday.

  13. J Chown and Shawn Clement talk about shaft lean with their driver. J Chown claimed he picked up over forty yards with his driver by doing this. They both hit up with the driver but with shaft lean. Can you explain this?😊

  14. Video gold! Thanks Alex

  15. Excellent demonstration Alex on how to add yards to the drive without swinging faster. Your drill to help keep the left arm straight is interesting. I have found that if I grab my left thumb with my right hand and stretch out the left arm, it gives me the same result. Then, when I go up to drive the ball, I keep this same thought in mind!

  16. Jase says:

    I was told to get a new set of irons.
    I said if I could start hitting the middle of the face it would be like having brand new clubs!

  17. Dean Elliott says:

    Do you teach lessons?

  18. Ray Verrelli says:

    Following you using your tips, I’m a new beginner and I come along ways watching your video , just want to say thank you

  19. Last time I played I was so steep it was aggravating. I chunked so many shots and was hitting the ball way less then was I normally do when I hit the ball well.

  20. Blaze Can says:

    Great video. Please clean your camera😊

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