Introducing Fairways Protege.

I’m excited to introduce you to our incredible new program called Fairways Protégé. We will provide an exclusive opportunity for 10 boys and girls in Gwinnett County.

With Fairways Protégé, we believe in the power of learning and networking. That’s why we’ve partnered with a professional golf instructor, who will provide lessons and guidance to our young protégés. We would like to thank The Trophy Club of Apalachee for being the exclusive home of Gwinnett Chatt Outreach’s newest initiative. We’re

thrilled to present a series of inspiring guest speakers, who will engage with the students over golf lessons and lunch at the golf course.

The perks don’t stop there – Our protégés will have the chance to visit multiple golf courses, not only to play, but also to witness exciting tournaments. And that’s not all; we will organize college tours and behind-the-scenes visits to local businesses, offering a unique glimpse into the professional world.

Our program aims to keep things fresh and exciting, with a diverse range of events and activities throughout the year. But it’s not just about fun – we believe in giving back to the community. That’s why our protégés will be actively involved in volunteering for the various initiatives organized by our organization. We will meet weekly but not always in person to help keep each other accountable.

Our protégés will have a chance to join and compete in golf tournaments around the state of Georgia. We will partner with local high schools, colleges, current and former PGA players and instructors to help teach lessons alongside of our lead instructor.

To be a part of this extraordinary experience, students must have transportation and pay a nominal yearly fee of just $50 that will cost the cost of 2 Gwinnett Chatt Outreach branded polo shirts.

So, are you ready for the commitment? We want full dedication from parents because if their child’s spot is not utilized effectively, it will be offered to another deserving student.

Whether grades matter little to you, what truly matters is an unwavering positive attitude and a desire to succeed! If you know someone who fits this remarkable profile, spread the word about Gwinnett Chatt Outreach today.


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