Is Cross Handed the Chipping FIX You Need??

Matt Fitzpatrick brought a lot of attention to the use of cross handed chipping following his brilliant US Open win in June. Here I take a quick look at a few of the mechanical advantages to doing so.

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8 Replies to “Is Cross Handed the Chipping FIX You Need??”

  1. Been watching Mike Malaska – Top coach in USA on chipping

    He advocates level shoulder

    With the cross handed – shoulders are level automatically – saves the tilting

    Very interesting – thanks Ill give it a go

  2. 1:13 i play always Crossed hands,putt driver and irons

  3. RollYourRock says:

    Excellent! Thanks, James! – Cheers!🙂

  4. Iain M says:

    James, nice to see you back on video. Love your content

  5. David Oates says:

    As a long time rubbish chipper and recent convert to cross handed chipping, I can say that the technique really works. Cross handed driving next!

  6. 3253222 says:

    I tried it in the past but you’ve given me the needed additional tips! Thanks.

  7. alijohnny says:

    First! And this is pretty cool. I putt cross handed so I'm quite interested in this. Didn't Peter Senior do this as well?

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