Is the SwingCaddie SC4 a No-Brainer Buy?? Almost…

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00:00. Swing Caddie SC4. The ultimate no-brainer launch monitor?
01:09. Get your best launch monitor pick in 20 seconds!
01:34. SC4 first impressions.
02:41. Comes with everything but this.
03:42. How’s the display stack up?
04:04. A nice feature most competitors don’t have.
05:07. Setup
06:36. But is it accurate?
10:36. The app…not quite there yet.
12:32. All this AND E6 Connect!
13:45. It’s even better with a discount!
14:22. But what if you’ve got a little bigger budget…then what?
15:20. All launch monitors have pros and cons.
16:07. Close.

In this SwingCaddie SC4 review, we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of this budget launch monitor. We also compare it to other golf launch monitors under $500 like the FlightScope Mevo and Rapsodo MLM.

Along with that, we compare it to the direct competitors in the market such as the Garmin Approach R10 and the Rapsodo MLM2Pro.

Here’s our full look at the best launch monitors and golf simulators on the market:
Best Golf Launch Monitors:


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