Is This The Hardest Obstacle in Mini Golf??

The Loop De Loop hole might be the hardest mini golf hole to make an ace! Can we do it?

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31 Replies to “Is This The Hardest Obstacle in Mini Golf??”

  1. JOTDAY says:

    I've played there

  2. Love this course! In Mesa, Arizona

  3. That looks like golf land in Castro valley California

  4. TVAU / says:


  5. My man, you're playing putput. It's all tap in range.

  6. My cousin got a loop hole in 6 and then I said “let me show you how it’s done.”

    And then got a hole-in-one.

  7. SmileyG says:

    Can’t putt from behind the ball since Sam Snead.. Sam won 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. I don’t think this dude knows the definition of perfect 😂

  9. Kobe Jones says:

    I love that hole at sunsplash

  10. Easy af guys come on

  11. its right at the hole, just off the left lip and it comes right back to tap in range 💀💀💀

  12. Evan Jessie says:

    That man’s name is Ian.

  13. Is this at a sunsplash golf land?

  14. 12mixes says:

    i watched it twice without realising

  15. Mr.Scootini says:

    I exactly know where y’all are 😂

    Like 90% sure

  16. Connor says:

    Where do you play?

  17. "Just off the left lip to tap and it comes right back to tap in range"💀

  18. this is content… playing minigolf

  19. Burt Sampson says:

    Quick and simple vids. Love it

  20. Who cares about your mini golf game 😂😂😂

  21. Mass Chaos says:

    The leaves make it 30x harder

  22. Let’s go I fuckin won

  23. Vinny Lauria says:

    Golf lane arizona

  24. Mason Stone says:

    If you hit it hard enough and the lip was tall enough it has the capability of an easy hole in one because the circle tries to center the ball

  25. JUJURLLY13 says:

    My name is calvin

  26. Jameson Tang says:

    glad u gamble with a good vibe check

  27. Allknower says:

    I would have brought out the driver on that one

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